5 Must-Have Baby Products For Your Beauty Regimen

Baby products are so gentle on the skin yet form an amazing part of your everyday beauty regimen. They multi-task for you and your baby as well (if you have one that is)… It’s time we turn to that little fellow’s stash for our beauty needs, which will not only save us money but also that extra effort of finding the right products. Turning to baby products is actually an amazing idea, as they are super gentle and do not dig a hole in your pockets. Nothing to complain about- so let’s get started!

baby products

1. The king of your dressing table – Baby Oil:

5 Must Have Baby Products For Your Beauty Regimen! baby oil

Baby oil is such an amazing make-up remover, that it gets rid of that stubborn mascara as well, which our usual makeup removers fail to get rid of completely. It works great as a massage oil, in comparison to our usual olive oil and almond oil, and I love how it does not feel so sticky on the skin. Baby oil works amazingly as a moisturizer when used on damp skin and is a great shaving gel too.

Going out on a date? An instant fix to get that sexy glow on your legs is, to add some shimmer to baby oil and rub on your legs and you are all set to rock!! Majority of makeup artists use baby oil on their models just to give their skin that luminous sheen.

2. Magical Dust – Baby Powder:

5 Must Have Baby Products For Your Beauty Regimen! baby powder

I always keep baby powder handy. I just cannot do without it. To get rid of that grease from your roots, dust some baby powder on your scalp, it is a great way to add bounce to your hair. Stop spending on dry shampoos when you can get similar results with baby powder! You can also use it on your eye lashes for a voluminised effect, it literally gives the impression of false lashes, and a trick to die for isn’t it? To make your lipstick last, dab baby powder and then follow by reapplying the lipstick and your lipstick isn’t going anywhere!

3. Chapped Skin Rescue- Diaper Rash Cream:

5 Must Have Baby Products For Your Beauty Regimen! cream

Just as amazingly as it works for your baby’s bottom, this thing is a life saver for adult skin that is super chapped and dry. You can also use it on your cracked heels and rashes, and you will surely see visible results. It is anyway a superstar for its ability to soothe those horrible red rashes on a baby’s bum!

4. Lifesaver – Baby Wipes:

5 Must Have Baby Products For Your Beauty Regimen! baby wipe

Wet wipes can be your best friend whether or not you have a baby. They are a cheaper alternative to those expensive make up removing wipes which work just as good. To remove makeup completely, use baby oil on your face and massage and follow by cleansing with baby wipes. To remove eye makeup, use a folded wet up with oil and cleanse gently, don’t be too harsh when it comes to your eyes. You get different variants in baby wipes, so if you are sensitive to fragrances, opt for fragrance free ones.

5. Bubbly yet gentle wash – Baby Body Wash:

5 Must Have Baby Products For Your Beauty Regimen! body wash

Okay, I’m not a freak!! But I love lathering my skin with those baby body washes like Johnson’s Top to Toe, instead of the generic body washes we get in the market. They balance out the pH levels of our body and do not strip off essential oils- so what’s not to love, it makes a great face wash, when you mix it with a few drops of baby oil and follow up with baby wipes!

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  1. I swear by baby oil to remove my waterproof mascara and lipstick, and always have a pack of baby wipes in my purse. I loved reading it, didn’t know about the uses of other products. Quite informative, Cidra. 🙂

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