17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

The other day, I was thinking, we all are active females of the generation. Be it college, be it classes, be it work or balancing work, home and children, we have to do it all. Imagine a scenario, where you have to attend a party right after office. What would you do, to have some handy multitasking products, which can make you gorgeous at a moment’s notice? Or when you have to go on a trip, and already your baby’s and kid’s have occupied so much space in the bags that you cannot fit your own beauty regimen there. For you ladies, I compile and present a list of multitasking on-the-go products, that will not only sort your bag and shorten the clutter that it might have become due to your hectic routine, but also will, without fail, make you look gorgeous in a fizzy. Let’s get started.


1. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush:

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

This brush can complete your whole base makeup, right from the foundation/bb, to compact and blush. This one brush in your kit, can set you for the day.

Busy women makeup tips

2. Real Techniques Shading Brush / Real Techniques Base shadow Brush:

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

You can use any one of these, to shade and contour, for that daily natural look, while you are on the travel.

3. Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio:

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

I can’t tell you how much I love this set. If you want minis to fit inside your hand bag for touch-ups, pick this one and ditch the above two, while on the go. Just keep an eyebrow brush, for grooming your brows.  As much as it is convenient to use one brush for all, there is one problem. Since you are using the same brush for blush too, you will have to wash it every day, even on travel. There is a quick fix solution to that too. Just wipe it with your makeup removal wipe, and dry it under the fan to remove the moisture. It will remove at least the blush residue, and you can use it one more time without washing.

4. Wipes – Cleansing and Makeup Removal:

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

Get those wipes that remove water proof makeup. Neutrogena wipes claim to remove even that stubborn water proof mascara. Invest in these. Also, take along cleansing wipes, if you do not want to pack your face wash.

5. Small Travel Size Bottles:

You can use small, tight capped bottles, that are available online, for storing your makeup remover, if you cannot get the wipes. These bottles can even store your daily moisturizers, creams, shampoo and conditioners.

6. Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Brush:

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

You do not need to have those tangled and messed up hair. Leave your hair down in style, with this small miracle from Tangle Teezer. Your Hair will thank you.

7. Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick:

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

Absolutely fuss free, you will have your foundation and concealer rolled into one, and since this is in stick form, you need not worry about things like damage in transit, or that it would spoil your hand bag, if it accidentally falls down.

8. Maybelline Lip Polishes:

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

It is your gloss, lip color and lip balm rolled into one. Plus, you can use the lighter shade as blush too. If you want the color to be more subtle on your apples, mix a bit of your stick foundation in it, and voila! You have a cheek stain ready!

9. Toothbrush:

Yes! Your toothbrush doesn’t only brush your teeth. You can scrub your lips gently with it, for a uniform application of color.

10. Roll N Go Makeup Pouches:

You will not believe if I tell you the number of things these pouches can contain. Even the ones you were not planning to take along with you. It is darn useful.

11. Dry Shampoo:

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

It is damn cold and you don’t have time to wash and blow-dry your hair. That is the moment these come to rescue. Although it won’t quite give you same wash and dry look, but it is still good enough.

12. Sachets:

Shampoos and conditioner sachets are life savers. You can even get a sachet of your daily sun block, if that is available.

13. Brown and Black eye pencil:

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

Keep a black and brown kajal/eye pencil, that is water proof and smudge proof. There are plenty to choose from. Also, they can serve as eyeliners, kohls, and if smudged quickly, a hazy eye shadow too. Plus black and brown are the HG shades, whether you want to go for a natural look, or a more defined and lined look. You just need to have a steady hand. If not, draw thick and bold lady, you are on a vacation!!

14. Oil Absorbing/Blotting Sheets:

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

Oily skin alert! Keep these always inside your purse, and when the moment comes, just dab lightly on your face and do not rub, lest you want all your makeup to come off, and all your efforts ruined. Just tap, tap and tap.


15. Green Tea Bags:

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

Don’t just drink it up. Keep it inside the fridge of your hotel room, and use it as a remedy for your exhausted eyes by the end of the day. In office? Not to worry. Put your used green tea bag in front of your AC for a minute, and keep it on your eyes for another minute. Refreshed eyes, is what you will get.

16. Johnson’s Baby Oil:

17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

If you are going on a long excursion or adventure trip, this small bottle can be your savior in many ways. Have a look:
a. You can prep your skin with it before shaving away those tiny hair on your body.
b. You can use it as an eye makeup remover.
c. You can massage your dry areas with it at night, and wash in the morning to have smooth and beautiful skin.

17. Gillette Venus Razor:

As I said in the previous point, if you are going on a trip, for a period longer than one week, you can sneak this inside your pouch, along with Johnson’s baby oil, and you will be done. These two combined, will save you from those tiny hard hair that threaten to pop and ruin your beauty.

We women have been compared to goddesses with multiple hands, but somewhere, in the rush, we forget ourselves. Keep these products handy, and do not let the days keep you down. Instead, face the day with your beauty intact, and be on the roll. 😀 😀

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20 thoughts on “17 Amazing Products For Women On The Go

  1. Lovely post Kadambari!!! Do you like colorbar full cover makeup stick?? idk why it creases so much under my eyes 🙁 how do you use it? i must be using it wrong!

    1. Thanks Priyanka 🙂 I swipe the stick abundantly under my eyes and then spread it with my Real Techniques deluxe crease brush, or expert face brush. It gives a smooth and uniform finish. Also, to avoid creasing, always set your under eye area with face powder or compact. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Amazing post Kadambari, I am making a note of all the stuff 🙂 and I bought the Real Techniques expert face brush 0=- one word – awesome and i totally understand all the hype associated with real techniques brushes 🙂

    1. I know I know I knooooooow 😀 😀 RT brushes are just toooo good 😀 I have ordered the stippling brush 😀 Let’s see how it turns out to be 😀

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