6 Benefits of Water Intake Before Bedtime

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Most of us have the habit of drinking water before going to bed though many believe that this habit can disrupt a good night’s sleep. The common thought behind this is that you will need to wake up to urinate in the middle of your sleep. This may be true for some people but the habit of drinking water before bed has its own benefits, which I am sure most of us would not want to overlook.

6 Benefits of Water Intake Before Bedti

1. Hydrating benefits

poor hydration
Our body loses fluids throughout the day. It is necessary to replenish these fluids. While we are sleeping, the body is not working as much and so the body does not secrete out as much fluids. Consuming a glass of water before bedtime helps refill the necessary levels of fluid in the body.

2. Helps burn calories

Water is a natural calorie burner. When you drink cold water, the body has to work to warm up. This will increase the metabolism and hence aid in burning calories.

3. Detoxifies

The body accumulates a lot of toxins from the environment, food, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Drinking water before bed helps the body get rid of these toxins to keep you at the best of health. The digestive system, muscles and skin benefit the most from this. It enhances your overall appearance and health.

4. Promotes sleep

Drinking water helps maintain proper vitamin and mineral balance. The levels of hormones are maintained and energy levels are balanced as well. As the body gets replenished, it relaxes. Thus, regularly drinking water before bed helps you get a sound sleep.

5. Checks leg cramps

It is difficult to sleep when you have those bad leg cramps, right? What happens is that the muscles are dehydrated and they cramp up. Thus a glass of water before bed helps alleviate such a condition during the night allowing you to sleep better as well.

6. Enhances overall well-being

A glass of water before bedtime reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack, keeps you more alert and energized throughout the day, and helps in better digestion.

When your systems are working fine, you feel good. When you feel good, you look good. Now that you have learned about the many benefits of drinking water before bed, are you going to inculcate this habit in your lifestyle? Stay healthy, stay happy.

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