Ways To Use Water For Flawless Makeup

We all are familiar with health, skin and hair benefits of drinking water. Drinking water after every few hours is the natural way to keep your skin clear and clean. Water helps to pull out the dead skin cells and also, heals your skin allergies.

It is said, if you want a flawless skin, increase the intake of water every day and you don’t need to apply any chemical cream throughout the day.

Ways To Use Water For Flawless Makeup

Water is also useful to achieve flawless makeup; it helps to intensify the look and also makes your face look more attractive and natural. If you are worried about the over dos of the makeup, you don’t need to worry when you are using water. It is totally natural on your face and acts as a highlighter and skin glowing agent. Let’s check out how water can be used to achieve flawless makeup on your face.

1. Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Ways To Use Water For Flawless Makeup Last Longer

Water is the natural ingredient which helps your makeup to last long. The reason why many women spray water before applying your makeup is, that it allows your makeup to set in your face and makes your makeup last longer. Long lasting makeup is what every girl wants and to get this, you just need to spray a little water or dab it all over your face with the tissue paper and then apply makeup. You can also use ice cubes for setting up the makeup.

2. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Ways To Use Water For Flawless Makeup Brushes

Beauty life is nothing without makeup brushes. They are the must have ingredient if you want to achieve a good makeover for your face. Usually, makeup brushes contain natural or artificial hair which may ruin after a year if not maintained properly. The hair starts falling out of brush or may even make your foundation breakout on the face. Whether you are using a blush brush or a lip brush, they should be cleaned properly only in Pure distilled water. Try to use different brushes for different uses, and make sure they are washed properly before and after use.

3. Intensify Eye Shadows

Ways To Use Water For Flawless Makeup Eyeshadow

As I mentioned earlier, water acts as a highlighter which helps to intensify your look. Eye makeup is the best makeup out of all, if you are tired of those dull and matte finished eye makeup, you can add water to make it more appealing and beautiful. Do not put your makeup brush completely in water, just dab it once and then run it over your eye colours. This will add a little bit of shine and gloss to it.

4. Fix Your Foundation On Skin

Ways To Use Water For Flawless Makeup Fix Foundation

Applying foundation is an art to be thought about. Not everyone is able to spread foundation evenly on the face and fix revealed parts. It looks bad when your foundation does not get smudged properly with the skin and you can spot patches. Water can be a helping agent to spread the foundation evenly on the skin and also make it last longer. Take care that you don’t overuse water on your face; few drops of them are enough to fill the cracked areas on the face.

5. Customize Your Own Eye Shadow

Ways To Use Water For Flawless Makeup Custom Eyeshadow

Every time you need more and something new! And you can make your own eye shadow with the help of water. Take out all the eyeshade colours you have in your pallets and pick out your favourite one; mix them in a clean washed bowl. You can keep adding water to the eye shadow according to the texture to have your own customized eye shadow for the evening. Adding water more than required will make the eye shadow run out of eye, so be careful with the quantity of water used on your face.

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