6 Graphic Eyeliners

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Hi Everyone, 🙂
I did a series of 6 black graphic eyeliners yesterday. Honestly, after doing so many black liners, all I want to do is some colorful makeup. 😀 But anyway, let me know your favourites below. 🙂

Eyeliner : Shiseido Gel Liner
Mascara : Too Faced Better than S*x waterproof
black eyeliner

Eyeliner : Suqqu Eyeliner Pen
Mascara : Too Faced Better than S*x waterproof
graphic eyeliner

Eyeliner : NARS Black Eye Kohl as base + Loreal Gel Eyeliner on top
Mascara : Too Faced Better than S*x + Loreal Superstar Mascara
round eyeliner

Eyeliner : Shiseido Gel Liner
Mascara : Too Faced
sharp graphic liner

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Eyeliner : Shiseido Gel Liner
Mascara : Too Faced better than S*x Waterproof

indian eyeliner

6 :
Eyeliner -Shiseido Gel Liner
Mascara – Lorealmakeup superstar + Toofaced better than sex waterproof
thumbprint eyeliner

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4 thoughts on “6 Graphic Eyeliners

  1. This post is super useful for all beauty addicts – to explore new ways to draw in the liner and also because you have mentioned the liner and mascara used to create each look….superb!

  2. Gorgeous! These eyeliner styles are really unique and you are so precise, there is not a single dot out of line! You are fabulous 😀

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