7 Best Lead-Free Makeup Brands

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In today’s post, I have put together a list of 7 best lead-free makeup brands available out there. Unfortunately, lead is a very common ingredient in makeup, especially in lipsticks that are red in colour. Lead is a highly toxic chemical that can affect the organs in the body in many harmful ways. While trace amounts of lead in makeup are safe for use, it is ideal to avoid putting your body in contact with lead altogether. Whether you like to believe it or not, several studies have shown that some of the most popular and well-loved makeup brands around the world have lead as a common ingredient in their lipsticks. And, what is most alarming about this fact is that lead is not even a necessary ingredient in makeup!

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So, here’s a list of the top 7 lead-free makeup brands that you can try. Most of these brands are also natural, organic and cruelty-free, which makes them great in more ways than one.

1. ILIA Beauty:

ILIA Beauty is a wonderful makeup brand instantly recognizable by its minimalist and classy packaging. All the products by this brand are a 100% natural and organic, and they ethically source their ingredients from the best places around the world. Their tinted lip conditioners and lipsticks are the most popular makeup products, and they are totally lead-free and enriched with great ingredients.

2. RMS Beauty:

7 Best Lead-Free Makeup Brands RMS Beauty

RMS beauty is a high-end makeup brand that formulates its beauty products based on the principles of raw, fresh and organic ingredients. Their packaging is eco-friendly and their testing and manufacturing processes are completely cruelty-free. A favourite among renowned makeup artists, RMS Beauty is best known for its natural and organic foundations and concealers. Whether you buy a lipstick or a blush from RMS Beauty, you can be assured that it contains no harmful ingredients.

3. Au Naturale:

If you love wearing bright and bold lip colours, but you’re afraid of the toxic and harmful ingredients that go into them, then Au Naturale is the brand you need to try. Their products are completely safe, vegan, natural and organic. Be assured that everything retailed by the brand is 100% lead-free.

4. Bite Beauty:

7 Best Lead-Free Makeup Brands Bite Beauty

If you love a beautiful lipstick that’s also totally safe (free of lead and all other harmful chemicals), vegan and all natural, then Bite Beauty is an excellent brand choice for you. Bite Beauty lipsticks have an impressive shade range and the formula of the products is truly luxurious.

5. Afterglow Cosmetics:

Afterglow Cosmetics is a makeup and beauty brand that wonderfully combines the aesthetics of colourful makeup and totally pure, natural and organic ingredients. Their packaging is recycled and eco-friendly, and their products are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and fair trade, and certified. Of course, it is entirely lead-free.

6. Avon:

7 Best Lead-Free Makeup Brands Avon

Avon is a super affordable drugstore brand that has created some incredible products that have been tested to be lead-free. Most interesting, Avon has a lovely red lipstick by the name of Ultra Color Rich Cherry Jubilee that is totally lead-free.

7. Tarte:

Tarte is an excellent makeup brand for several reasons. Their range of products is truly impressive, and their quality of ingredients is top notch. You will find most of their products to be lead-free, paraben-free, phthalates-free and infused with the goodness of natural ingredients.

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