8 Essential Nail Treatment Products For Beautiful Nails

A manicure and pedicure pampers us thoroughly, but what if we don’t have time at our hand to hit the parlor regularly? We all know about nail files, nail cutter, nail polish removers and toe separators. The following products will make sure your nails get all the TLC right in the comfort of your home, and you save those extra pennies too 😀

1. Hand scrub:
Buff away your dead skin cells to reveal younger, fresher, more beautiful skin.

Hand scrub

2. Cuticle eraser:
Cuticle remover

To prep your nails for polish, the cuticles that build up on the surface of your nails must be softened and eliminated.

3. Buffer block:
Nail buffer

The coarse sides are ideal for rubbing away the ridges on nails, while smoother sides are used for shining the nails for even nail colour application.

4. Nail Strengthener:
If you struggle with weak or brittle nails, this is the savior that you need. It makes your nails stronger and break resistant.

5. Base Coat:
Top coat

There are two uses of having a base coat. It protects your nails from staining, from your nail polish. If you’re not wearing nail polish, it’s also a good layer of protection from things like detergent and cleaning products.

6. Top Coat:
Top coat is an absolute must, again for two reasons. It helps protect your manicure from chipping and if you have done nail art, it helps seal in the design.

7. Cuticle Oil:
Cuticle oil

Cuticle oil helps keep your cuticles hydrated and rejuvenates some of the natural oils in your skin. It is an essential component to a good nail care regime.

8. Hand cream or balm:
Always apply after you wash your hands (or do the dishes) to replenish any lost moisture so that your hands and nails don’t look lack luster.

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  1. nice post anjana 🙂 i dont have most of the items mentioned in the list and i have sch brittle nail, have to take better care.

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