8 Foods that Enhance Health and Physical Appearance

By Neha Ramchandani

Hey lovely people!

We all know that some fruits and vegetables can improve our health significantly, but these foods are really exceptional. They work very fast and rather than focussing on just one problem area like skin or hair, they bestow their benefits on everything. In short, they beautify you from inside-out, very quickly. So let’s take a look at the list and how they can benefit you!

8 Foods that Enhance Health and Physical Appearance2

1. Pumpkin Seeds

The first one in the list is not pumpkin (that most of us don’t like ), but pumpkin seeds which usually Indian housewives like to stock. I love having these when I want to chew on something. These pumpkin seeds work like antidote to acne spots because these are packed with zinc. As we all know acne, blemishes and breakouts are usually because of zinc deficiency in the body. These seeds are readily available in the market, so no excuses!

2. Apple

8 Foods that Enhance Health and Physical Appearance

According to nutritionists, and our lovely moms – an apple a day,  apart from keeping the doctor away, can improve your looks too. If you have an apple every day, you would have those lovely pink cheeks that every girl desires. It can help your cheeks glow, so no need to use blushers. Most of us have a very bad habit of having excessive tea, coffee and drinks but these regular drinks leave behind some brownish and yellowish stains on teeth. An apple a day can buff out all those stains that are yellowing your smile roo.

3. Kiwi

I am a very big fan of Jennifer Aniston. The age in which she is and the way she looks is totally commendable. If you too want to ensure your future status like her, then the most important need is to slow down your ageing process. Kiwis are a great source of Vitamin-C which can slow down the ageing process by stimulating collagen production. Collagen build-up is the most important part of skin’s revival process. The more you have kiwis, the more collagen would be in your skin, and so your skin would turn out to be more firm and elastic. The more your skin is renewed and replenished, the more hot you are going to look 10 years from now.

4. Spinach

Apart from potatoes, this is the only vegetable that I like to eat. All of us have been serious fans of popeye – the spinach boy who used to have a can of spinach to build up his muscles. 😀 But except this, this great veggie contains lutein which acts as a key to protecting your eyes and may help to make them whiter and brighter. So try to have spinach soup or juice or in form of a perfectly cooked veggie as this would help you to maintain your health really well.

5. Watercress

8 Foods that Enhance Health and Physical Appearance3

Watercress is actually an aquatic plant and its seeds are quite easily available in the market. If you want to have the leaves of these plants to cook as a veggie or soup, it might be available at a supermarket near you. By consuming watercress regularly, the antioxidants present in it can reduce the size of inflammation, breakouts, pimple and pore size in a matter of days. It can give your skin a super healthy glow and make you look more refreshed within days. It contains iron too in large quantities which helps to de-puff your face quickly. Watercress may raise antioxidant levels in your blood and reduce DNA damage which is an amazing property.

6. Green Beans

Green beans can easily found in Indian kitchens, but do you know its benefits? These beans are high in silicon. Usually people opt for silicon supplements to improve their hair quality, growth etc. but why not opt for this wonder vegetable instead? Want to check its efficacy– try to consume green beans every alternate day or at least twice a week for 7-8 months. You would notice a significant change in your hair quality and length. Many people consume these raw to not damage the silicon present in it by cooking. They just microwave these beans and have as a low calorie snack.

7. Flaxseeds

8 Foods that Enhance Health and Physical Appearance1

I can swear by the amazing way it works and affects your scaly patches. I have tried to have flaxseeds every morning on empty stomach and it works wonders for your skin and also helps to reduce weight drastically. It is so good for heart, cholesterol and many more ailments. In short , it is a must for people who love healthy eating and healthy living. These seeds are available in the market and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help to hydrate the skin well and keep it soft and smooth for days. Flaxseed oil is also available in the market and can be used for cooking or even on salad. You can consume these seeds raw too with water or add a tablespoon of these seeds in oatmeal and yoghurt.

8. Eggs

By god’s grace, I have really strong nails that do not break easily. But many of the girls face this issue of weak and yellowish nails, and that is because deficiency of protein and biotin. Eggs are rich in biotin and they can help you strengthen your nails within weeks which is faster than any other treatment. Do try out girls. 🙂

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