13 Easy Ways To Get Naturally Beautiful

Natural beauty lives in you for years. We all want to look naturally beautiful but most of us often forget to pamper our body. So, here are some awesome tips to unlock your natural beauty.

13 Easy Ways To Get Naturally Beautiful

Exfoliate Your Body:
Our skin is made up of trillion cells, from which we lose around 30,000 dead cells every hour. So you can imagine, how much dead skin is lying on our body. To get rid of this dead skin you need to scrub your body. Just take some honey and sugar, and scrub your body with it in circular motion. Sugar is a natural exfoliator and honey is a great antioxidant for your skin.

Take A Nice Bath:
13 Easy Ways To Get Naturally Beautiful 2
Our body accumulates many germs and dust throughout the day. So, cultivate the habit of bathing two times a day. It will cleanse your skin, keep you hygienic and also make you feel fresh. Do not forget to apply an excellent moisturizer to lock your natural moisture in skin.

Increase The Level of Water Intake:
Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day to remain hydrated. Water will help to clean your body from inside.

Tackle Tan Effectively:
13 Easy Ways To Get Naturally Beautiful 3
The morning sunrays are a good source of vitamin D. But during the noon, the sun rays can harm your skin. So, try to avoid getting out in the sun during noon and apply sunscreen (even if you are at home) to protect your skin from harsh UV rays and tanning. You can use potato and lemon juice to reduce tan effectively.

Pamper Your Hair:
Sun rays and pollution can harm your hair to a great extent so make sure you have covered your hair, while going out in the sun. Choose a mild shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type. If you want to effectively clean your scalp, then add little bit of baking soda in your shampoo. Always use silk pillow cover to reduce friction between your hair and pillow cover.

Give Some Breathe To Your Feet:
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We always wear footwear throughout the day. But just like our other body parts, even our feet require breathing. So, once in a day remove your shoes or sandal and move your foot in circular motion, which can relax foot muscles as well as increase the blood flow. If you are wearing closed pair of shoes, then make a habit of applying anti- fungal powder.

Increase Use of Yogurt:
Yogurt is good for your skin and hair. It can reduce the ageing process. You can apply yogurt on your hair or skin to get rid of various beauty related problems. It is the best digestive aide, so you should eat a small portion of yogurt after your meal.

Do not Ignore Your Back:
13 Easy Ways To Get Naturally Beautiful 5
Yes, many of us do this. Invest in a good back body brush or loofah to clean your back every day. Apply a paste of papaya on your back and leave for 15 minutes and then wash it off. It will help reduce dead skin, leaving a clean and sexy back.

Eat Healthy:
Try to include every color of vegetables and fruits in your daily meal. Increase the intake of protein rich foods like eggs and pulses. This will help enhance your complexion as well your health.

Take A Nice Sleep:
13 Easy Ways To Get Naturally Beautiful 6
We all know how much a good sleep helps our skin. So, try completing your tasks on time so that you can give a proper sleep to your body as well as skin.

Say ‘Yes’ To Less Makeup:
Makeup is meant to enhance your features. So try to use less makeup, as more of it can clog the skin pores and invite various skin problems. Also, do not forget to remove every bit of your makeup before going to bed.

Stick To Daily CTM:
13 Easy Ways To Get Naturally Beautiful 7
We all must have one cleanser, toner or moisturizer in our vanity box. Always follow CTM rule to clean the dirt, germs and oil from your skin. Also scrub your face once in a week to remove all the dead skin lying on the face.

Keep A Hand Sanitizer Along:
We have a habit of touching our face often and when we do so with our dirty or unclean hands, then it can result into pimples and rashes. So, whenever you go out, keep a small hand sanitizer in your purse and keep using it all the time.

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