8 Reasons why you Should Avoid Mineral Oil in Skin and Hair Care Products

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By Jyoti Dubey

Mineral oil is a cheap lubricant which is made from extremely refined and processed petroleum. Its use in the cosmetic industry is highly debated due to the various studies that have showed it might have harmful side effects in the future with regular use. So, let’s find out 8 reasons why you should avoid mineral oil in skin and hair care products:

Reasons why you Should Avoid Mineral Oil in Skin and Hair Care Products

1. The World Health Organization classifies untreated or mildly treated mineral oils as Group 1 carcinogens to humans. There is sufficient evidence to prove that mineral oil can cause cancer in humans. Use of mineral oil is associated with an increased risk of non-melanoma skin cancer and that is why you need to be aware about the presence of this ingredient in the cosmetic products that you use on a daily basis.

2. It has zero benefits for your skin or hair: Yes, you have heard that right! Mineral oil which is usually the first ingredient a lot of skin care, hair, and beauty products does absolutely nothing for you. It provides no nourishment to the skin or hair.

3. Mineral oil clogs your pores and hinders the skin’s natural breathing process: It forms an invisible film on the skin’s surface and does not allow the air to get into your skin and vice versa. Basically, it is like a plastic wrap on your skin which does not even let the sweat out from your body.

4. Mineral oil gets accumulated in your body: Even the purest form of mineral oil is harmful for the health. According to a 2011 study, there is strong evidence that mineral oil hydrocarbons act as toxins in the body. The researchers collected milk samples and fat specimens from 142 women and found out that both the fat and the milk were contaminated with mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons. As a result, it was concluded that cosmetics are a relevant source of contamination.

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5. Mineral oil is just a cheap filler: That is why they are present in abundance in cosmetic products and is widely used by substandard cosmetic brands.

6. Mineral oil can irritate the skin which may result in rashes: This is because mineral oil is an occlusive agent. The layer mineral oil forms on the surface of your skin can clog your pores, resulting in the over production of oil, resulting in acne and other skin disorders. It basically does not let your skin perform its usual detox function by forming a layer on top of it.

7. Hair oils that contain mineral oil are not beneficial for your hair or scalp: These oils just sit on your scalp and do not benefit the hair or the scalp in any way. Mineral oil does not infuse the scalp with nutrients nor hydrate it. Instead, opt for coconut oil which will penetrate deeper into the roots of your hair and will make your hair strong and healthy.

8. Mineral oil can cause blackheads and acne due to its high comedogenic properties: It clogs the pores and suffocates the skin, and those clogged pores end up as blackheads and acne.

So ladies, go and check your vanity and read the ingredients list of each and every product that you own and now you know which ones to keep and which one to throw into the dustbin!

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