10 Health, Skin Care and Hair Care Benefits of Gelatin

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Gelatin is something that makes your jelly jiggle and right use of it can give you bouncy skin and healthier body. Gelatin is a collagen derivative which is the most abundant protein found in human bodies. This product when consumed as food item does a lot for your body. It has many skin and hair care benefits too. In this post, I will tell you all about its health, hair care and skin care benefits.

10 Heath, Skin Care and Hair Care Benefits of Gelatin

1. Gelatin Protects Gut Linings

Eating oily, junk food often irritates the gut lining and damages it. Gelatin when consumed as food item attaches to the lining and forms a protective layer. This prevents the irritation and allows the gut lining to heal.

2. Makes the Bones and Joints Stronger

Bandage on the wrist from stretching

Osteoporosis, joint pain are common problems these days and gelatin helps you to get rid of it. The product is an amazing source of collagen which makes up these connective tissues. It also has a variety of minerals in it including calcium and magnesium. It thus helps to slow down the bone decay and gives you healthier bone joints. If you are suffering from inflamed joint or arthritis, gelatin can be of great help.

3. Liver Detoxification

Gelatin contains glycine, which helps in liver detoxification. This process is not only important to keep our digestive system healthy, but also keeps our skin beautiful. Gelatin assists the liver to be healthy and thus keeps your whole body healthy.

4. Prevents Stretch Marks

10 Heath Skin Care and Hair Care Benefits of Gelatin Stretch marks

Consuming gelatin can help you to prevent the stretch marks when you are in your pregnancy days. It promotes skin elasticity and firmness. Along with using stretch mark creams, add gelatin to your daily diet to see visible differences.

5. Helps to Maintain Youthful Skin

Adding gelatin to your diet helps to make your skin healthy, toned and firm. It promotes cell regeneration which leads to less wrinkles, fine lines and sagging of the skin. It makes the skin alive from within and lets you to maintain the youthful glow.

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6. Skin Tightening

Perfect Model Woman with Healthy Skin. Spa Beauty, Facial Treatment and Cosmetology Concept

You can prevent your skin form sagging by using a basic gelatin and water mask. The mask shrinks the pores and gives the skin a toned and tighter look. It also helps to reduce sebum secretion and thus reduces breakouts.

7. Removes Blackhead

Gelatin can also be your go to blackhead removal agent. It gets rid of blackheads, whiteheads, and dead cells without being harsh to the skin. It is just the perfect chemical peel for all those who think that scrub granules are too harsh and store-bought chemical peels are not suitable for their sensitive skin.

8. Remove Facial Hair

10 Heath Skin Care and Hair Care Benefits of Gelatin Facial Peel

Threading or waxing the face often leads to irritation, inflammation and rashes. At times that can be too painful. To do it easily at home, gelatin can be a savior. A gelatin mask with turmeric helps to remove all hair from your face and keeps it smooth and clean in the gentlest manner.

9. Strengthening the Hair

Your hair is made up of protein and lack of protein in body can cause hairfall. Adding gelatin to your diet promotes healthy hair growth and maintenance. You can also help your hair from outside by adding gelatin in your hair care routine. You can add gelatin to sulphate free natural shampoos to make your own protein rich shampoo and use it twice a week to get less hair fall.

10. DIY Hair Gels

Hair Care. Beautiful Woman With Wet Hair In Towel After Bath

Many women stay away from lacquers and hair holding sprays as they are often laden with chemicals and can make the hair dry and damaged. To keep your hairstyle in place naturally, you can use homemade hair gel made from gelatin. You can make it by adding half a teaspoon of gelatin powder in a cup of water along with a few drops of lavender oil and a tablespoon of aloe gel. This holds the hair in place, prevents the fly-away from showing up and makes the hair look shiny.

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