Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm Review, Swatch


Claims : A rich, readily absorbed moisturising balm for labour-wearied hands and cuticles.
This sublime, highly sought-after product contains a careful blend of fragrant botanicals and skin-softening emollients that deliver rich hydration to hands and cuticles. It is formulated for frequent use.

Price : USD 20/ Rs 1300 approx

My Experience with Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm Review

Today I am introducing a new brand on IMBB called Aesop. My craving to try Aesop started with this hand cream tube. I was seeing it all around the web and that’s where I started searching about this amazing Australian brand. The more I searched, the more it intrigued me. So I picked up a bunch of stuff from the brand. I thought I’d start the reviews with the hand cream that got me all involved with this brand.

I have very dry hands so I always have to moisturize my hands many times a day. And since I am mostly working on a laptop, I also want a hand cream that gets absorbed quickly.

It’s a lightweight hand cream that smells sort of earthy – a mixture of lavender and citrus. It find it very calming to the senses. Not overpowering and settles down in a bit. I love this the most about the hand cream. Sometimes when your hand creams are perfumed and you have to eat something, they totally get all mixed up with the food fragrance. It gets nauseating.

It moisturises my hands like nothing else. A little goes a long way. Does not feel heavy. Gets absorbed quickly. Is amazingly nourishing. Does not feel sticky. Leaves hands soft. I don’t feel the need to reapply the hand cream unless I wash my hands again.

It is a water based hand cream and some of the main ingredients include glycerin, coconut oil, almond oil etc, which are all amazing for adding moisture to your skin.

I absolutely love the the old school pastel coloured packaging. It looks like a a toothpaste tube form 1950s or something. hihih Simple, effective and totally charms me. Love love love it.

Plus, it is a cruelty free brand. 🙂

It also come in huge pump bottles. If this were available in India, this is the brand I would have been stocking up on for all things bath like a crazy woman. 😀

I love every single thing about this hand cream. It’s a perfection tube. If you can get hold of it, definitley get it. You’d love it. 🙂

Rating : 5/5

aesop resurrection aromatique hand balm review

aesop resurrection aromatique hand balm ingredients

aesop resurrection aromatique hand balm


swatch :aesop resurrection aromatique hand balm review, swatch

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