Airbrush Makeup

airbrush makeup

Airbrush Makeup

A warm hello to those beautiful eyes reading this article!

How IMBB happened: About one and half year back I was googling a bit for some information about the latest makeup trends for my sisters’ marriage, and while excavating the virtual world I came to know about this blog. Since that day I am an avid follower and visit this site on every possible opportunity. I would like to congratulate Rati and all lovely ladies here to make this blog an answer to all the elementary and intricate queries of an Indian girl like me and thousands of others.

A few words about myself: I don’t intend to bore all of you to death but would take few moments to tell about myself. Being a very shy, introvert and short on words person since childhood, this nature has barred me enough to be under a cloak, and come and check posts silently; but all the warmth and coziness of this place always attracted my soul like a magnet and finally gave me confidence to come in light and respond to Rati’s hire mail received few days back. So here I am with my first ever post.

What this story is about: Like I mentioned earlier, I searched a lot about trends and techniques for some time and this one technique introduced itself to me called Airbrush Makeup technique about which I was totally unaware of. Natural looking makeup is something that attracts me the most and the much I came to see its results on internet the more it fascinated me and made a strong urge in my heart to get my dear little sisters’ wedding makeup done using this one only but small town chronicle washed out all my hopes as I could not find any single mua or let me use the appropriate word ‘beauty parlor owner’ aware about this and hiring an artist from nearby Metro and paying their fees, travelling, lodging etc. (Yes, one of them asked for a long list of payments) was something we certainly could not afford. ‘Gone’ were all my hopes at that time but still the interest remained in me and pushed me to share the little knowledge gathered with you all.

What is Airbrush Makeup: Unlike conventional makeup techniques where makeup is applied with fingers, sponges, Brushes and other mediums, airbrush makeup sprays on skin using an airbrush trigger or gun. This technique came in use in 1925 and since then has grown a big way in entertainment industry and now with increased exposure this has made a significant place in day to day makeup also and popularity is increasing for the fresh and flawless results it provides.

Before and After

Airbrush makeup is used on several areas of the body such as the face and eye lids. It can also be used as a form of body makeup, covering bruises and scars. Some airbrush makeup manufacturers have created airbrush tanning systems, which gives a bronzed glow.

How Does Airbrush Makeup Work: Using an airbrush compressor airbrush makeup products are sprayed on the skin in form of a fine mist of color that gently covers the skin and the result that is visible to eyes is a flawless complexion. Opposite to conventional methods where makeup in rubbed on the skin, spraying microdots of makeup that rests on the skin makes it weightless and the appearance of face is more natural and fresh. There is no harsh line, exaggeration or clogging of pores; the skin is concealed much better because the liquid makeup is evenly distributed and your skin breathe to health.

For example, when applying traditional foundation, fine creases under the eyes usually look blotchy in a few hours after application, but with spray on makeup, the skin’s smallest pores get covered by the foundation, and everything looks very smooth and even. Even when applying lipstick through spray, the effect is smoother and lip lines look significantly reduced creating an illusion of a perfect face.
Where Can we Use Airbrush Makeup: You name it and you get it done. Foundation, Blush, Eye shadow, conceal or, eyeliner, Lipstick, artificial tanning and artificial tattoos too. With color choices and options available any skin imperfection can be covered with ease. This technique helps artists to camouflage bruises, tan lines, stretch lines, birthmarks, scars, freckles, Psoriasis and even permanent tattoos.

Advantages of Airbrush Makeup

Some of the benefits of this method that I can count on are-
• Water-Resistant: Airbrush makeup is highly water-resistant in comparison to normal makeup. The problem of fading makeup due to perspiration is solved with high scores, you blot your face and your makeup is still on place (that is your face and not tissue) without any fading or melting up to 15 to 18 hrs and you can take it off with your makeup remover.
• Matte finish: The liquid makeup used in airbrushing instantly dries to give a matte finish so no worries about shiny nose or chin or forehead is an added advantage.
• Safe on skin: The products used are hypo –allergenic, oil and alcohol free that makes them suitable for sensitive skins also. Moreover your makeup is brushed on your outermost skin creating a thin layer and not rubbed on it creating clogging of pores.
• Hygeinic: In terms of hygiene, spray on makeup is on top. Any makeup artist would tell you how this helps to ease hygiene concerns when using the same makeup for a number of people. When using traditional lipstick, for example, the product has to touch the lips directly, and this can cause growth of bacteria on the lipstick which then becomes unhealthy with each use. With makeup that comes as a spray, the woman does not directly touch the makeup, so it doesn’t matter if it’s applied on many different women. Hygiene is definitely promoted with the use of makeup that never touches a surface, unless the tip of the makeup spray does, which is highly unlikely.
• Lesser time and effort: In conventional makeup one needs to go steps after steps to first create the base and after that apply makeup with not-so-trained hands is time consuming whereas once got hold on this your makeup is all fun and not so time consuming.
• Flawless skin: Flawless skin is yet another advantage as earlier told camouflaging not so good looking marks, scars and imperfections is better with this one.
But there are always two sides on a coin and the same is applicable with airbrush makeup.

Disadvantages of Airbrush Makeup

• Expensive: Airbrush makeup is expensive and will burn your hole like hell fire. Being Expensive… Expensive… Expensive is the major disadvantage. You need to have proper products and equipments for this. But there is another point to keep in mind is that a very less amount is required in this one.
• Needs expert hands: This technique requires a lot of practice as you have to know how much of product to release and at what pressure. Otherwise appreciation as best clown in the party is guaranteed but the same is applicable with normal makeup products too.
• Double trouble: One more major drawback is that you can’t apply all your makeup alone on your face. Like while finishing eye makeup eyes are kept closed otherwise there are high chances of getting some product in your eyes which can always cause serious harms.
eye makeup
• No carry around: Who will like to carry around makeup equipment in a bag? At least not me. For that purpose slipping my normal or mineral makeup in my small bag is much easier.
• Precautions needed: The one who decides to use it more frequently needs to use a face mask while getting this makeup applied. The reason is that this makeup is very light when applied and finds a way to lungs with breathing.

So, here, all charming ladies I attempted to share whatever little I knew on the topic. Here are some youtube videos to provide more knowledge:

Do tell me how you like it and please correct me where gone wrong.

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  1. Nice post J Kaur! I myself was and is an introvert, it took me almost 1 year to start participating at IMBB :). And this forum is really helping me overcome my socializing fears :). Btw, I did not know about this kind of makeup before :nababana: . This industry is so huge. There is each day, something new here to read.

  2. I went to sephora the other day and they did a demo make over with the temptu system.. it was bliss- great coverage… but sooo expensive :(( 250$ for the system and 60$ each for the foundation and concealer and blush pods… good for people who have sisters or parlors

  3. just few days ago airbrush makeup caught my fancy…. and since; iv been you-tubing it since past couple of days….
    id still prefer traditional way…ofcourse due to convenience reasons..
    but ofcourse this a novelty and very interesting..especialy, it being oil free and waterbased… :toothygrin:

  4. gr8 post j kaur…..n seems u have really done a lot of research on this…it shows…. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: ……i m looking forward to more articles from u… :))

  5. I got airbrush makeup done for my broz wedding…i loved it 🙂 but yeah it is quite expensive ..i wanted to get the equipment but thot it would be a hassle carrying it around with me as i was travelling around the Usa…may be next time I go 🙂

  6. J Kaur…thanks for all that info on airbrush makeup….just yesterday, I was watching it on TV and someone was applying eyeshadow with the airbrush and it was so good :waytogo:

  7. I’ve seen before and after pics of airbrushed makeup, and it looked perfect, but natural. It’s true though that it’s expensive, that’s what’s kept me from buying my own airbrush starter kit. And true that about IMBB, it’s a very warm, friendly community. :))

  8. Thanks a lot to all lovely ladies and tons of thanks to Rati. I feel so thrilled to see my name on a post and all comments. I am jumping with joy on a thought that you all gals liked my post. Thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu all for encouraging me and I am really sorry for not being able to be around the time this post came up due to super busy schedule this weekend.
    I am feeling sooooooooooooo sorry now for not coming online all two days.
    But I am super happy as well and will try to be around all days now.
    You made my day Rati…………………This is the first thing I saw this morning.
    Love to all………………………….

  9. hey j kaur… nice to know that we are getting ahead in terms of makeup. I came back from uk with this airbrush makeup kit but now am out of my foundation. I have been googling hard to find ANY COMPANY that does foundation for such, and i stumbled upon your blog. please please please let me know where can i get these from?


  10. hey hi….wher in bangalore can i find airbrush foundation … i hav a airbrush system. i got it from US. my foundation s gettin over. i need it asap….

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