Anti- Aging and Fitness Diets

Following the trend set by the post written by hubby yesterday here are some of the fitness and anti-ageing foods for your diet. Enjoy! 🙂
eggsEggs: Atleast 4 eggs a week fulfil your body’s requirement for Vitamin D and Biotin. Biotin is a B vitamin that’s needed for the formation of fatty acids and glucose, which are essential for the production of energy. It also helps with the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Biotin is found naturally in food. Good dietary sources of biotin include brewer’s yeast, nutritional yeast, liver, cauliflower, salmon, bananas, carrots, egg yolks, sardines, legumes and mushrooms.

JuiceFresh Glass of mixed (carrots, beetroot, ginger, spinach etc.)vegetable juice when taken empty stomach helps you detoxify and the goodness of photochemicals from vegetables enter your blood stream to give you a youthful kick and longevity.

Tomato juice is rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and carbohydrate. It is a natural energizer for kidneys and facilitates to remove toxins which cause deceases and contaminate our system.

Carrot juice is the richest source of primary vitamin A or carotene, which stimulates protein synthesis and accelerates growth. The juice contains vitamins B, C, D, and E and also iron, cobalt,and copper. Carrot juice improves the appetite, digestion, metabolism and structure of teeth, elevates resistance to infections and protects nervous system.
cucumber juice helps in the healing of hyper acidity, gastric and duodenal ulcers and consuming this juice can provide an immediate relief from stomach burning sensation. The juice has proved effective in skin eruption. It has high silicon and sulphur content so its promote hair growth, especially when mixed with carrot, lettuce and spinach juice.

Bitter gourd Juice (Karela) is an excellent for Diabetes. A glassful of juice of fresh bitter-gourd will hlep to bring down sugar content, improve digestion and also remove constipation.

Spinach Juice: The magnesium contained in spinach helps prevent diabetes; iodine helps treat skin diseases and strengthens the immune system; vitamin K contributes to bone resistance; vitamin B improves cerebral activity, helps in maintaining the firmness of the skin and controls insomnia; potassium stimulates the cardiac muscle; beta-carotene prevents sight problems and sulfur increases hair attractiveness. Alimentary fibers, vitamins and minerals contained make spinach a good depurative and detoxifier. The toxins originating in nourishments that are rich in fat and proteins of animal origin are thus eliminated quickly. At the same time, alimentary fibers prevent constipation and colon cancer.

Clove of Garlic: Garlic, which contains warm yang energy, dispels pathogenic cold and damp, relieves energy stagnation and has antiseptic and sterilizing qualities. It also helps in improving the blood circulation and cleanses the liver.

red-wineA glass of Red Wine: Red wine is a particularly rich source of anti oxidants flavonoid phenolics, so many studies to uncover a cause for red wine’s effects have focused on its phenolic constituents, particularly resveratrol and the flavonoids. Resveratrol, found in grape skins and seeds, increases HDL cholesterol and prevent blood clotting. Flavonoids, on the other hand, exhibit anti oxidant properties helping prevent blood clots and plaques formation in arteries. It helps you keep slim too.

yogurtYogurt: In the 1970s, Soviet Georgia was rumored to have more centenarians per capita than any other country. Reports at the time claimed that the secret of their long lives was yogurt, a food ubiquitous in their diets. While the age-defying powers of yogurt never have been proved directly, yogurt is rich in calcium, which helps stave off osteoporosis and contains “good bacteria” that help maintain gut health and diminish the incidence of age-related intestinal illness.

Include good fats in your regular diet: Dietary fat is very easily converted to body fat, so controlling fat intake is important in controlling the weight gain associated with ageing. However, omega-3-fats are good to keep brain healthy and active. Nuts are a great source of B vitamins that are good for your heart and your brain. The healthy fats in nuts benefit the elastin and collagen in skin, helping to maintaining skin’s structure and keep it resilient. Small portions are advised, as nuts are high in calories.Nuts naturally moisturize the skin, wiping out the dry wrinkly feeling.

nutsAlmonds – They’re packed full of omega-3 fats and protein, which help skin repair itself. Plus they’re a great source of vitamin E, which studies show can prevent wrinkles. Have a small handful every afternoon.

Apricots – They’re full of lutein, an antioxidant that helps fight off the ageing effects of the sun. Snack on them between meals, or slice them fresh on your porridge.

Fish: Fish oil is extremely good for skin. It prevents wrinkles, dark spots, dryness, acne, psoriasis and eczema.

oatsOats – porridge oats contain high levels of a mineral called silicic acid that plumps up the cells in skin, creating a youthful bounce. It also slows down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Multigrain bread, full of selenium, instead of white bread may act as a saviour preserving the elasticity in your skin.

Water: Drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water to detox your body. Water detoxes and gives us glowing skin. 🙂

Include raw uncooked vegetables such as radishes,  turnips, broccoli,  cauliflower, cabbage in your diet. They’re packed full of omega-3 fats and protein, which help skin repair itself. Plus they’re a great source of vitamin E, which studies show can prevent wrinkles. Have a small handful every afternoon.

Green tea: It is an amazing superfood to add to your anti aging diet. If you don’t like drinking green tea as is, squeeze half lemon in your tea and it tastes much better.( Thanks Ani. 🙂 )

Brown BreadInclude unrefined foods such as whole wheat bread / brown rice/ whole wheat pasta/ gram etc. Fiber-rich foods provide B complex and roughage to help the digestive tract function more efficiently.

This post is based on my research and personal experience. If there is anything I have left, do share it with us in your comments. 🙂 I would be preparing one fitness recipe that I will share will you guys tomorrow.

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35 thoughts on “Anti- Aging and Fitness Diets

  1. Hey Rati, very informative post…..drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day is something I am already working towards….bad at it currently but need to get there

    1. Do get there. My intake went down during winters but now I am feeling thirsty almost every half an hour. 🙁 So in a way it’s good as well.

      Thank you. 🙂

  2. My water consumption has definitely increased now.

    Tomato Juice, Carrot juice,Yogurt,green tea and oats…all are superb..I have these regularly.

    Vegetarians could include Flax Meal in place of Fish/Fish oil. Would give the same benefits 🙂

    1. Same here. Not because water consumption is necessary but just that I am feeling way too thirsty these days. Thanks to the weather. 😀

      I love to eat yogurt and especially after your marinated technique, I mostly keep my yogurt in sieve and then eat it . So yummy!

  3. Do you know the book Fit For Life (by Marilyn and Harvey Diamond, 1985)
    Their method is a bit weird but I think it really works!
    Me and my boyfriend finished reading the book recently and now we’re
    trying it out and we really feel healthier and my boyfriend really looks better.
    I am still addicted to chocolate I eat like 8 candy bars a day so no instant result for me,
    but I’m working on it and I’m really convinced by the Diamonds, it reminds me of ayurveda
    but I don’t know if it’s inspired by that. xx

    1. Not heard of tis book before but some of the following points from the book make me go hunt for it :

      Diamond also explains how:

      * Eating foods in the wrong combinations causes them to rot so they cannot be assimilated.
      * Combinations such as meat and potatoes, eggs and toast, bread and cheese, or chicken and noodles are “a contributing factor to why people in this country are dying at age 50.”
      * Some foods “cleanse” the body while others “clog” it.
      * Eggs rot in the body. In his books, and through his online wellness center, Diamond makes various claims about how food combinations affect your body and your weight. He claims that combinations such as meat and potatoes, eggs and toast, and chicken and noodles contribute to early death. He claims that some foods “cleanse” the body while others “clog” it, that eggs rot in your digestive tract, and that refined sugars ferment and produce acids when eaten.
      * Refined sugars also ferment and produce acids even when consumed alone because refining strips “every vestige of life” from the sugar,
      * Fruits and vegetables, being high in water content can wash and cleanse the body of toxins-but when fruit is eaten at the end of a meal, its absorption is blocked and it ferments.

      8 bars in a day and you are still so thin? 😛 OMG! I can’t even imageine that. lol!!

      1. Yes those points are very interesting!
        We eat a lot of fruit till noon and then ‘normal’
        but we try to make the right combinations as much
        as possible. The book is really worth reading!

        Haha thin? I’m quite chubby/curvey!
        Guess I’m just good at hiding it a bit 😎

          1. You are absolutely right Sunaina. All the points mentioned above by Rati are indeed the basic and most important food principles of Ayurveda.

            The wrong combination of food is what makes us sick,unfit etc etc. Ayurveda is totally against having “Viruddh Aahar” which means “food with contrasting properties/doshas”

            Potato and meat, Curd and fried food esp fish, eating raw curd at night, eating fruits after meals, drinking water during meals, hot milk/water + honey etc are a total no no in Ayurveda.

            White sugar is equated to toxin in ancient ayurvedic texts. Each person’s skin, hair, body etc are totally the reflections of the various qualities/doshas that are dominant in their system.

            1. Aww!! so much useful info , Poornima. You are definiteky one of our hidden talents out here.

              I avoid drinking water during the meals completely because I am confused about when should I actually drink. Some day it’s bad to brink water before meals, some say during the meals and some after. What is your take?

  4. Hi Rati,

    yaar could u also advice some easy diet for low blood pressure

    i feel good in winters but as soon as summer starts, my problem of low bp also knocks my door.

    the doctor suggest to have choclates in the purse n having limca with a pinch of salt is good but i still had not found da solution as there is a medicine for high bp on daily basis but not for low bp

    further, return to make up, i had bought 2 eye pencils Maybelline one shade is grey its cool and other is navy blue.

    2day i m wearing the grey n its really cute n easily applicable, i like all colors available vl buy all of them so that i can use liquid liner as well as pencil one….

    bye for now
    take care


    1. Piya,

      Honestly I would say that you do what doctor says and I have seen a lot of people suffering from low BP and they do carry some kind of energy bars or chocolates with them all the time.

      Piya, you talk so much about your liners, I crave to see you with all these colourful liners sometimes. 🙂 Do send me a pic if you are comfortable with it, I would love to see your love for liners.

      What is the exact name of the Maybelline liners you are talking about?

  5. I love the vegetable stew my dad prepares .. such a great option for dinner 🙂
    and eggs contain Biotin ? maybe we dont have to tk Biotin tablets afterall (The one cynthia told us abt)
    Is it ?

    1. really? May be you could share that recipe with us. vegetable stew sounds really nice. 🙂

      Don’t remember which tablets Cynthia suggested. 🙁 may be I’ll check that on her blog again. 🙂

  6. I wish I ate more healthy foods….n could drink karela juice (yuck!) I do like eggs, red wine, almonds, oats and drink LOTS of water. Very useful post this is.
    Ok now let’s see if my gravatar finally appears 😀


    1. I cannot drink karela juice but I try to eat cooked karela (on rare occassions. lol!)

      Thank you.

      I am able to see your gravatar. I think you need to clear the cookies and cache from your browser.

  7. Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love all these health and diet tips here. I am a fitness fanatic so this is like bible for me :o)

    I have been making a morning smoothie lately with milk, blackberries, strawberries and flaxseed. It tastes good and keeps me & hubby full for at least 2-3 hours 🙂

    1. Hi Tanvi,

      welcome to my blog. 🙂 Don’t like flaxseed too much so avoid them as much as I can. 😀 Have started eating fish once in a while so that compensates. The smoothie sounds really yum though. 🙂

  8. Rati,

    If you need to drink water before a meal, do it atleast 20 minutes to 1/2 n hour prior. In case of water after the meal, the same rule applies. After 20-30 mins of having a meal, you can drink water. But we are so used to drinking water along with food, that we may not find it easy in the beginning. In such case, do not induce an overnight change. You may slowly bring in the change.

  9. Hi .. am posting for the first time on this site.
    Just want to add on the flaxseeds part, this is to be taken only after roasting it and also in small quantity, say 1 or 2 small teaspoon in a day. Please do not eat raw flaxseeds. You can roast them on tawa for few minutes and store them in air tight container. And you should be good for a week’s stock. Besides they being good for the skin, Research shows that flax seed is especially beneficial for women. It’s known to help women improve their chances of conceiving a baby. ..
    Hope this post is help. thanks, shil

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