How to Apply Base Makeup?

We often struggle to create a flawless makeup look because we fail to create a flawless base for makeup application. Even if you use good quality makeup products, the right application skills and correct order of using products while doing base makeup plays a paramount role in determining the final result. Your base makeup shouldn’t looked caked or settle into fine lines. Makeup shouldn’t look made up, right? For this, today we will tell you how you can perfect your base makeup by detailing all the steps one by one. So, read on to know how to apply base makeup to get the most natural-looking, glowing finish every single time you step out.

base makeup look tips

Step 1: Clean your face:
Cleaning your face before beginning the base makeup application is really important. Your face is like a canvas, so it should be fresh and clean before you begin. Wash your hands well. Cleanse your face with a mild cleansing face wash that is devoid of harmful chemicals. As an alternative, you can also use makeup wipes to give a fresh feeling to your face. After you clean your face and hands, apply moisturizer to your face, and make sure that it contains SPF! Wearing daily SPF is the best way to make sure your skin is protected and looks good.

Step 2: Moisturize
Now, this is the most vital step. Prepping your face before any face product application is mandatory to create a smooth, flawless base. When you don’t moisturize your skin, your makeup settles into creases and crevices of the skin, especially if you have dry skin. After cleansing your face, apply a lightweight moisturizer on your face. Wait for about 15 minutes before you begin with makeup application so that the moisturizer sinks well into the skin. If it’s daytime, use moisturizers that have SPF protection in them.

Step 3: Apply primer
No flawless base makeup application can happen without a primer. Using a primer is a good way to prep your skin, create a smooth base, and hide your pores and to leave an overall flawless effect. This sits very lightly on the face and helps your makeup to last longer along with providing a flawless finish. Apply your primer throughout your face, including underneath your eyes. Choose your primer as per skin type and the type of finish that you desire. Some primers are smoothing whereas some primers work to give a hydrating effect. Then there are colored primers that can correct discoloration issues. Yellow and green-based primers are designed to stop redness. Pink-based primers add life to dull skin. Peach and salmon primers are good if you have darker patches or circles under your eyes.

Step 4: Apply concealer
Let’s be ready to face the reality that we all have under-eye dark circles and discolorations on our face. And it’s completely natural owing to the daily stress that our delicate skin goes through. There is nothing to worry about these imperfections. A concealer can easily hide these dark circles, skin discolorations and blemishes in no time. Choose a concealer which is lighter than your foundation shade. The lightness of the concealer helps to brighten your complexion better. If you have severe dark circles or flaws on the face, you can also use color correctors and concealers simultaneously. Now while applying concealer, start applying under your eyes. Then, put some concealer down toward the center of your face in an upside-down pyramid shape and blend it by tapping your ring finger over the product and pressing into your skin. The heat released by your fingers helps the product to get melted and blend well into the skin. The heat from your fingers will help melt the product and blend more naturally with your foundation and give a flawless look.

Step 5: Apply Foundation and blend well
Well, any flawless base is best achieved by using a good makeup foundation. But in case you want to avoid heavy liquid foundations, it can always by replaced by a stick foundation or a BB/CC cream as they are more light in nature and give a sheer finish to the face. Begin by taking liquid foundation on your palm and start applying it in dots on the entire face. Now comes the main task which is blending your foundation well. For this, you can either use a brush or a Beauty Blender. This helps to smooth out the foundation and give an even bright look to your entire face. Blend upwards in circular motion gently and keep doing it until the whole product settles for a naturally luminous finish. Also, remember that choosing the right shade of foundation along with the right undertone plays a crucial role in perfecting your base makeup. So, get your hands on the right shade of foundation.

base makeup

Step 6: Set with a compact/Setting powder
This is the last step and a major step in setting whatever you have done in the above steps. To give a finishing touch to your base makeup, you have to set it with a setting powder/loose powder/compact and finish off the base makeup. Set your foundation by using a compact/loose powder. Run a large fluffy brush over the product and apply the brush all over your face. This step increases longevity of your foundation. If you have oily skin, it is better to use a translucent powder for better oil and shine control and to ensure a long-lasting matte finish. In the areas of the face that tend to get very oily, you can also put some loose powder, keep it for a while and then dust off the powder from throughout the face. Set the foundation with loose powder. Buy a large powder brush to apply it. Foundation will last longer if you use powder on top of it. Using a translucent powder will help control shine and provide a matte finish to your face. It’s not designed to add color, but rather to set your makeup. Make sure you dust areas of your face that get very oily. Do this first, especially in the T-zone. Then, dust the powder throughout the rest of your face.

Your base makeup is now over! You are now ready to do your highlighting, contouring or bronzing action. Last but not the list, finish your look with the lip makeup. The whole process is really amazing, so you will have lots of fun doing it. So, repeat the above procedure and let us know how your flawless base makeup application experience in the comments section below.


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