How to Apply Crackle Nail Paints

How to Apply Crackle Nail Paints

Nail polishes have always been one of the most sought after beauty product in the market. Nothing can add an instant glow to your hand than a good coloured paint.

Shatter polish or Crackle nail paints as they are normally called are very much in trend these days. These polishes are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to give your nails a unique dramatic look and texture.

Crackle nail paints are an easy and safe way to give your nails some oomph than applying harsh acrylic products on them. We all are well aware of the consequences of applying acrylic products and harsh solvents frequently on our nails. Also, these nail paints are available in different colours which offers endless possibilities of creativity sans the long hours required to get an acrylic nail art. Moreover, you do not need a very steady hand to get beautiful nail art. In fact, its very unfussy to make a significant cracked nail art design.

These days almost all nail polish brands, from the cheapest to some of the more expensive ones, offer at least one colour of crackle nail paint. Though these polishes are bit more expensive than regular nail polish yet they are worth trying out.

How to apply Crackle nail paints?

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There is a technique that needs to be followed in order to get the effect; follow these steps and your nails will look great in no time:

You do not require tons of product to give your nails a new look. All you need is a base coat, coloured nail paint, your crackle nail paint and a top coat.

• Apply a base coat to protect your nails from staining and also increasing the staying power of your nail colour.

• Now apply your base colour evenly. A good opaque colour looks beautiful when it is layered below a crackle nail paint. Though, you can choose any colour yet it would be better if you opt for a smooth, non-glittery, creme-like colour as such colour will draw as much attention to the crackle effect as possible.

• Do not rush to next step. Wait for the base colour to dry completely before you start painting your nails with crackle polish.

• Now start painting a lighter coat of shatter nail paint over your base colour. Lighter coat is always better to start off because it makes the crackling effect more obvious. Try to paint one thin coat as quickly as possible, and avoid going back over a spot you have already painted. Give them some time to reach their full potential i.e. some shatter polishes begin to crackle the second they touch your nails, but others may take a little longer to show up.

• Once the shatter has cracked the way you want it to, go over it with a topcoat. To protect your nails from chipping.

Some facts about nails:

• Your fingernails grow about one-eighth of an inch a month.
• Fingernails grow faster than toenails.
• Nails on the longest fingers grow the fastest.
• If you’re right-handed, nails on that hand grow faster than on your left hand; the opposite is true for lefties.
• Your fingernails will also grow faster during the summer, during pregnancy, and when they are recovering from injury.

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