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Crackle nail polish shades are amongst the most interesting ones, in the field of nail art and design because they create a special crackle effect. Basically, Crackle nail-polish creates a shatter effect and you can wear such polish over your chosen favorite shade. When you apply crackle nailpolish, different designs are created each time, therefore it is very unique nail-polish. Versatility of designs, created with crackle nail polish, is similar to those, made by professional nail artists in nail salons.

crackling nail paint

I grabbed this crackling nailpaint on my recent trip to karol bagh(in delhi) from a shop thatโ€™s sells all imported stuff.

Crackling Nail Paint

Price, Rs. 400 for 15 ml. ๐Ÿ˜

Thatโ€™s the shade I got, I remember there were other shades like red, blue, pink, and green, too in this but I chose white, as this would go well with most of my casual dresses.

crackling nail paint



a. Paint Base Coat
It can be any of regular nailpolish and will become the back color of the nail.

b. Paint Crackle Coat
After the base coat gets dry, simply paint our crackle coat, and the amazing random crackle will appear on the nail. Paint another layer before it gets dry if a stronger result is needed.

c. Paint Top Coat
It can be any of regular top coat according to personal demands after the crackle coat gets dry.


Crackling Nail Paint Blue

Crackling Nail Paint Pink

Crackling Nail Paint Pink Green

Crackling Nail Paint Black

These are the nail paints I have used above


(I donโ€™t carry this crackling paint like shown in the picture above, its just for the demoโ€ฆ :p :p :p)


I absolutely love it!
So basically this nail polish gives a crackle effect on your nails, you have to a apply 1 sheer coat of it and just wait for a second or two. Sooner than you think you will have a great crack design on your nails, thatโ€™s IT!!! It is soooo easy peasy:)

Other things you might want to know:

โ€ข This nail polish lasts for over a week. Ok so in more detail I tested the nail polish for a bit over a week I put it on, on a Friday then took it off the next Sunday and it hadn’t chipped.
โ€ข You cannot layer this nail polish over and over. If you do so, you wonโ€™t get a crackling effect and you won’t see a pattern
โ€ข You have to apply a topcoat otherwise it gives a very rough finish . also, using a top coat would keep it tact for a longer time.

So overall I really recommend this nail polish because no nail design is the same and I just love the pattern!

PROS of this crackling nail paint

โ€ข The quality of this polish is pretty good.
โ€ข Crackles quite similarly to O.P.I., china glaze ones- which are really expensive.
โ€ข Gives a nice crackle design, which looks as if you have had a nail art done.

CONS of this crackling nail paint

โ€ข A little expensive if I compare it to normal nail paints. (but if u compare it with OPI & china glaze, it is fine )
โ€ข Not easily available.
โ€ข Is slightly runny, so you may end up messing your fingers if you donโ€™t apply it properly.
โ€ข Without a top coat, the finish is very rough & dull.

IMBB RATING- 3.5/5 (-1.5 for being slightly expensive & sparse availability)

Will I buy it again?
Yes, I will, but the other shades that were there . ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you used Crackling nail polish? Please rate in the box below

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