How to Get Perfect Nails

Are you really one of those French manicure type ladies? Do you love your nails? Well, if you do here’s a post which all you ladies would love. I am too amongst you all, but a bit careless one, I certainly do not go for a French manicure regularly, but that doesn’t mean I do not love my nails.

In spite of being really cautious about everything we do with grown nails, there are certain perils which occur and destroy our beautiful French manicured nails. This nail damage is very common with all women since we handle all types of chores, be it hammering a Word Document, or laying the dining table. nail care

Protecting your hands from the sun is very important both for your hand skin and nails. Have your manicures and pedicures regularly. Exfoliate regularly and get rid of the dead skin and stimulate circulation. Good nail care includes proper nourishment and taking proper care of the nails.

Remember, Beautiful hands include clean nails. Regular nail treatment and care is essential. Use a natural cream non-greasy for massaging your cuticles and for moisturizing and repairing the nails and cuticles. Avoid treatments and creams which de-hydrate your cuticles making it miserable for you. An organic aloe-vera cream may make wonders to your nails and hands thus smoothing your skin.

The Problem of brittle nails is very common with many women or with all women. Brittle nails are when your nail plates are dry, rigid and blistering. Wearing gloves can avoid this. Even the nail paint and the nail paint remover which contain alcohol dehydrate nail layers. A clear base coat followed by a single top coat of nail polish can give you healthier nails. A nail cream can also help. Ingrown toenails are another problem we all face. This arises due to improper trimming of the toenails. This can be avoided by cutting toenails according to their natural alignment and shape. Oriflame Beauty Nourishing Nail Serum combats brittleness and conditions the nails by a simple massage. Oriflame Beauty Nourishing Nail Serum Many of us have those soft nails too. Again I am one of those people. People say it’s due to lack of calcium and seldom contact with water. We can’t give up bathing for having hard nails I guess. But there are ways by which you can harden your nails, like using Oriflame Beauty Nail Hardener/ Colorbar Nail Treatment.  I personally use the Oriflame Beauty Nail Hardener and strongly recommend it for all those who have soft and brittle nails. And not just do they become hard but look healthier too. All you need to do is apply a coat of nail hardener before applying nail paint. Oriflame Beauty Nail Hardener

The monsoons are here and fungal infections are not very uncommon. Basic hygiene is necessary to avoid this. These infections also result in discoloration of the nails.Proper trimming, cutting and cleaning is very essential. Using griseofulvin (mild case) or ketoconazole (moderate pain) can also be helpful. Amongst all the problems how can one forget the frequent chipping and breaking of nails. This is commonly due to working with bear handed with ‘tools’ or even seldom contact with water. Chipping and flaking can be avoided with the intake of protein rich diet, especially the calcium supplements which help in strengthening the nails. The household cleaners with chemicals damage the hands and nails.

Slow growth of nails and hair is faced by most of us. I myself, too face the same problem. Massaging the nails before bed can help us out of the misery of short nails. Using an acetone-free remover getting rid of old nail polish is essential for the nail care and development. Fraying can be avoided by filing the nails in a single direction. The Oriflame Beauty Growth Booster helps with improving the growth of nails thus nourishing and conditioning them. And trust me the difference in the growth of the nails is noticed within 3 days. A simple daily massage into nails & cuticles is all you need to do. Oriflame Beauty Growth Booster Colors add beauty to your nails making them attractive and beautiful. Also the colors now days we use for our nail paints are drastically different than those which were used few years ago. Who used blues and blacks then? Clean nails that have been polished and taken care of can certainly add to the beauty of your shapely hands and add to your overall personality. Nail polishes help you in enhancing the beauty of your nails and hands. This is a fact that women have been aware of for centuries.

Choosing the right nail polish is very necessary and this is the first step for basic nail care. You should pick a shade which will enhance the beauty of your hands. And complexion is the most important factor to be considered. Fair complexion matches any color, darker colors contrast with the skin shade enhancing the complexion and look of your nails. Dark skinned women must go with lighter shades. essie-nail-polish-neon Now days jolts of red, yellows, blues, cherry red, pink, coral, greens and even a thick black gets you all the attention needed. Not that the other shades are no more interesting. Reds and maroons always ruled the nail paint wagon. Matt shades are highly formal and sober. The Oriflame Beauty Nail Polish Corrector Pen is also a nice pick for having the perfect nail polish. It takes off the unwanted polish at the nail tips and cuticles. The Oriflame Beauty Crystal Top Coat /Colorbar Nail Top Coat provides a glossy film for the nails.

Nail Polish

So what are you waiting for, go paint your nails bright and sexy!!

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28 thoughts on “How to Get Perfect Nails

  1. Nice post Zeeba!
    I have very brittle nails, so I mostly keep them short and bright.
    I think I’ll give those nail serums and hardeners a shot someday, but I’m wayyy to lazy right now.
    Have any of you ladies tried Biotin? I’m taking tat nowadays for my skin and hair… lemme know how it works.

      1. Yeah, actually it’s my doctor in India who did. The pills are called Biomane they’re basically Biotin (some sort of b-vitamin) with zinc. The zinc is for clearing up the skin and biotin supposedly makes hair and nails strong. They’re I think Rs. 35 for a pack of 10.
        I’ve been taking them for two weeks and haven’t noticed anything yet so I’m wondering if they actually work! I’ll give it another month and a half atleast before I reach a conclusion.

        1. Yeah, some products take time to show results. May be the same is with biotin. Since you are using it regularly. Let us know how it works out for you. 🙂

  2. Thanks Devika

    My doctor prescribed me too..but I never had them. I think it’s fine if you take it, if your doc has prescribed. But as per my knowledge they take time to work. :-/

    1. I too fit in perfectly in the soft nails category.Its time we turn our attention to our nails and hands.Since they don’t trouble us much we tend to ignore them royally.

  3. Zeeba,

    lovely article. I think HD is the one who would love this the most. I don’t take care of my nails too much other than massaging them with a cuticle cream every now and then. I do get manicure done once or may be twice a month. Guess I need to be more regular now. I have to pick up a good top coat and nail hardener now. WIll def consider you recos. Much needed. 🙂

      1. Yes Rati!!!!!!!!!!!! You know my weakness so well now :-* :-*

        Zeeba, I cant thank you enough for this post!!!!!!

        I have really brittle nails and after reading Neha’s review of the Colorbar Nail hardner I would have gone to arnd 6-7 stores in search of the nail hardner but it was out of stock everywhere!! So I finally bght the colorbar Nail repair treatment 2 weeks back and it seems to be slowly but steadily doing its work!!!! You cant even imagin how happy i am to see my nails grow :blush: 😀

        I did see the Oriflame nail growth booster in the booklet last month and even noted it down to order it but thn I went out of town and it kind of slipped out of my mind!!! I am definatel getting this soon!!!

  4. Yes Devika…let me know too whether any results are visible after a few days iwth biotin…I too wanna try it..I reently ut my hair and now I want to grow my hair quikly to ut it again………geeee 😀 …….I love to pik up bright olored polishes…I love them….it looks good on

  5. Yet another Oriflame fan! Welcome to the club Zeeba 😀 I :heart: Oriflame’s nail polish corrector pen. I slop nail polish all over the place wen i put it on.

    1. me tooo…and trust me I recommend only what I use. 🙂 and only wat works..and oriflame..has a variety of products which actually work.

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