How to Apply Stage Makeup

Stage makeup presents some different challenges from every-day makeup. It requires adjusting your makeup colours to ensure that you still look great under all different types of stage lighting. To learn how to keep your makeup looking great during a performance, just follow these tips.

Tips to apply stage makeup:

• Clean your face and apply an alcohol free toner. Stage make can be very drying. You definitely do not want to make the situation worse for yourself. Now, moisturizing your skin.
• Use a primer to help keep your makeup in place.
• Apply foundation. Remember to choose a colour just a shade darker than your natural skin colour. The purpose is to not be washed out by the stage lighting. Carefully blend it around your jaw line, hairline and your ears.
• Apply loose powder to set your foundation.
• Apply a blush which compliments your skin tone.
• Application of eye shadow should be in the sync with the character that you are trying to depict. Use a light neutral shade to highlight the brow bone. Use a little darker neutral shade to cover your eyelid. Blend the two shades where they meet.
• Apply mascara. Replace your mascara after three months to avoid clumping and bacterial infection.
• Eyeliner is next.  The darker the shade of eye liner, the more dramatic the effect, so gage the application and colour to the character.
• Application of lip liner is a must in stage makeup as it will not let the lipstick to smudge on your face in case you start sweating due to lights and heat. Choose a clear colour lip liner or one that is the same shade as the lipstick you will be using.
• Follow up with a layer of lipstick.

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