12 Quick Fix Makeup Tips


Here are a few easy to do makeup & hairstyling tricks, which can help one avoid huge blunders. A small effort goes a long way…

1. To hide dark patches & blemishes, blend a little peachish-red eye shadow with your foundation & apply it on the area you need to conceal. The orangish tinge cuts the black pigment to give you an even skin tone. This trick even conceals permanent tatoos completely.

orange peach
orange peach

2. Applying a coat of brown eye shadow over the kajal keeps the kajal from bleeding. The eye shadow seals the kajal & prevents a goth scare! 😯

gothic makeup
gothic makeup


3. To make sure your lashes don’t clump together when you apply mascara, remove the excess from the brush by wiping it on the rim of the tube a couple of times. Hold the brush in an angle of 45 degrees & apply it to your lashes. Once applied, use another mascara brush (it should not be dipped in the mascara) to curl your lashes. This ensures a natural look!

mascara tip
mascara tip

Looks like she’s feeding her lashes some mascara!-))

Diffrent kinds of brushes.

[PS: These tips were given to me by a renowned make up artist from bangalore :)]

4. For curly lashes: Heat the eyelash curler for 15 seconds under a blow dryer, then crimp the lashes at the base. The heat helps the lashes stay curly for long.

eyelash curler
eyelash curler

5. To ensure your lipstick stays on for a long time without cracking, apply a coat of concealer to the lips & apply the lipstick over it. :-*

6. To apply conditioner/styling mousse evenly on to your tresses, just take the required amount of it on your palms & rotate the bristels of your brush over your palm & run the brush though your hair.This coats all the strands evenly.

7. To buff up limp hair & give it volume, apply hair mousse from the roots to the ends. Then flip you hair & blow dry upside down. It adds bounce to your hair & makes it more manageable.

8. When there is no time for a hair wash & your hair feels greasy, just dust some talcum powder onto your hair brush & comb your. This will remove excess oil deposition on the scalp & saves you from having a bad hair day.

9.For oily & combination skin: Inorder to avoid an oily shine, dab cucumber juice all over your face with a cotton swab & apply the make up once dry.

To extract the juice: Just grate the cucmber & squeeze out the juice by wrapping the grated cucumber in a muslin cloth.

10. To accentuate your cheek bones, apply a darker shade of blush to the contour of the cheeks , then use a lighter shade to highlight the cheek bone.

The cheek bone is well defined!

11.To tone down a big nose & make it look sleeker, apply some bronzer on the sides of the nose . This elongates the nose & makes it look sharp.

The nose appears sleeker than what it is, after make up.

12. To make your nail paint last longer, apply the base before you colour your nails, so that the nail paint adheres to the base coat & lasts longer.

Hope these tips help you!


37 thoughts on “12 Quick Fix Makeup Tips

  1. Hey Niharika great article. I have a quick question though – with the cucumber juice do you let it sit on your face or do you wash it off? Is it sticky?

      1. Neha, if the juice is making you sticky, you can soak a few slices of cucumber in cold water & apply the water before makeup!

  2. angelina looks scary without makeup!! like alien-ish :O
    i still love her look though..in makeup~

    i do dat powder thing! 🙂 i put some baby powder in the hair to combat oiliness if i dun ahve time t wash my hair…

    i had got dat Tony&Guy ka dry shampoo.. it was baaaad..!! smelt strong and never worked anyway… so now i stick to babay powder only …

  3. neha only batista dry shampoo is gud which is sadly not available in india..:(
    nice article niharika..even i do d powder in hair thg…1st tip is gud..wud try dat…

    1. I do the baby powder thingie almost every week!…OILY SCALP & no time 4 a wash :-(( :-(( :-(( This trick saves my day :-*

  4. In the celebrity pics u can really see the difference contouring makes.Angelina actually looks healthy in the b4 pic tho or is it an old pic 😕 😕 :-/ ?:-)

    1. Hey bot the pics are after surgery, I searched for the most recent ones…Priyanka’s nose was much rounded & asymmetrical b4 surgery, & angelina was almost unidentical…though no can be sure when it comes to the celebs, but I tried to put the most recent ones…priyanka’s pic was taken when she was back from the shoot of Anjaana Anjaani, in the airport!

  5. I think Priyanka Chopra and Jolie are 5%original and 95% cosmetic creations. Look at their before and after pics….Gawd!! 😯 😯

  6. Niharika….each of your tip is so so useful….not even one is like “not for me”…each one is useful and I have made a mental note….thanks :-))

  7. i like i like.:D the veryyy title of your post i like. 😛 it was a really nice post Niharika.. 🙂 you should do more such posts! 🙂

  8. Great tips Niharika.. I follow most, but will follow the rest now… 😀 😀

    Gr8 job!!! And gawd knows i need that last tip… 🙁

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