Aroma Magic Anti-Acne Combo Pack Review

Aroma Magic Anti-Acne Combo Pack

So, I was at my neighborhood cosmetic/beauty shop last month where I saw the SA at Aroma magic counter trying to sell off these packs to a lady. When she left, I went ahead to know more about these as I had not seen such packs from Aroma magic before. The SA informed me that these were this brand’s new launch in three variants; Anti Acne, Anti Tan and Anti Ageing Combo Packs. I wanted to try the Anti tan pack but she suggested that my skin needed the Anti acne one rather. I took her word and came home with the Anti Acne combo pack.
What the company claims:

The combination of Clarifying Lotion and Anti Acne Calamine Pack helps to treat acne by balancing the oil levels in the skin. Together they reduce infection while protecting and soothing the skin. Get the freedom from acne and regain the confidence and beauty you deserve. Hundred per cent herbal, the products doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, artificial colouring and fragrance.The Anti Acne Pack consists of Clarifying lotion and Anti Acne Calamine Pack which is said to treat acne by balancing the oil levels in the skin.

Price-INR 300



Aroma Magic Acne combo comes in a plastic+foil kinds outer packaging( with a zip seal ) which holds the calamine pack jar and clarifying lotion bottle. The calamine pack comes in a bulky , hard plastic jar with a screw off cap. It carries small sachets of the face pack. The clarifying lotion comes in a transparent, plastic bottle with a flip cap. The products have been packaged well enough in my opinion.

My Experience with Aroma Magic Anti Acne combo pack

Aroma Magic is one indigenous brand that makes some really good skin care at affordable prices and I am personally quite fond of their products . I remember the first ever toner I started using was from AromaMagic only and I remained loyal to it for good 2-3 years. The SA who recommended this pack to me said that this acne treatment will give visible results with first use. The calamine pack is light pinkish in color and is not a fine powder it has a slight grainy texture.The clarifying lotion is a colorless liquid which smells herbalish but pleasant. I mix it the calamine pack with some clarifying lotion as indicated (you should add little quantity at a time and mix otherwise you would end up with a runny solution). Also, one sachet of the pack is good enough for using 2-3 times.

Now, there are two things I absolutely don’t like about this pack, first that it takes a LOT of time and effort to mix/ form a paste, (now that’s one reason I prefer ready to slap on face products) Second it has a very strong, unpleasant, unbearable garlic-y smell which stays on till the time the pack has not dried up (I need to spray a room freshener whenever I use this pack so that I can get some respite from the bad smelling pack)
The package indicates to keep this on for like 15 minutes but it dries up pretty fast, within 5-7 minutes only and if I keep it beyond that it gives a bad; super stretchy feel which I don’t enjoy. It comes off easily when washed with water.Coming to its immediate results, it makes my skin thoroughly matte, draws out all oil/grease completely. My facial skin looks so clear and tightened, as if I have had a deep cleaning session. I have combination to oily skin and this pack keeps my t zone oil free for good 3-4 hours.

Last 2 weeks back I had a few breakouts on both my cheeks, so I used this pack everyday for about a week or so and avoided any topical ointment to see whether it can really work on acne on its own. I noticed it did dry out my breakouts completely, though it did leave my skin all flaky and dehydrated. If you have normal-dry acne prone skin and you want to use this pack I would suggest you should mix it with some nourishing medium like milk, curd or honey and use the clarifying lotion as a toner later on.
I believe This Aroma magic Acne combo is a pretty good option for giving some TLC to your Oily Acne prone Skin (If you overlook the bad smell part). It is economical, effective and claims to be free from any harsh chemicals, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, artificial coloring and fragrance. I definitely see myself picking up this pack again and now I also want to try their anti tan combo too.

Summing up its Pros and Cons

Pros of Aroma Magic Anti-Acne Combo Pack

• Effective, does reduce/dry out pimples/breakouts fast.
• Leaves my skin matte, clear, oil free
• Great for oily-acne prone skin
• Did not irritate my sensitive skin
• The clarifying lotion provided in this pack can also be used as a toner
• Fairly priced
• Good packaging, travel friendly too(one can take along just these sachets while on travel)
• Does not contain too much chemicals
• Aroma Magic products are easily available in India


Cons of Aroma Magic Anti-Acne Combo Pack

• The strong garlic-y smell is a big put off.
• It takes a lot of time to mix in completely and form a paste
• Could be very drying for normal to dry acne prone skin

IMBB Rating

3.5 on 5

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