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Fighting Against Acne

get rid acneA very warm hello to everyone! 🙂

This is my first article and I am so very happy. I bugged Rati so much to give me a chance, kept emailing her every two days 😉 So anyways today I want to share my story about how I went from a ‘clean-and-clear’ girl to a ‘bad-acne-filled’ girl to an ‘almost-clean-and-clear’ girl 😉

Till the age of 15, I had VERY clean skin, it was only after I turned 16 did I start getting acne. My first mistake was to take it for granted. I neglected my skin, my full attention was on my studies  and I never really cared how I looked! But when people started telling me how my acne was getting worse, I started to get worried…my self esteem was shatterd, I seriously didn’t want to go out anywhere or meet any one. Then my mom took me to a dermotlogist and thank heavens she took me!

The doctor prescribed me 2 pills, a facewash and a night cream.He gave me some very important tips:
1. If you have dandruff, use a good anti dandruff shampoo because dandruff is among the major causes of acne
2. Always wash your face after coming back from somewhere
3. NEVER use a gel based cleanser if you have acne, always use a foaming cleanser
4. Use the3 step skincare – cleansing, toning and moisturising

Within two weeks of going to the doctor, my skin cleared and I obviously stopped using those doctor prescribed things but it was after a month did I realise that those pills and creams didn’t take away my acne completely. It was then that I started looking for good products in the market to help my acne because you cant go to the doctor for every two pimples. My cousin told me about Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Facial Cleanser. Neutrogena was new in India at that time and I was really in doubt about it but I still decided to give it a try and trust me I DO NOT regret it! Neutrogena’s Foaming Cleanser is THE best
neutrogena deep clean foaming facial cleanser
What it claims : Thorough cleansing with long lasting oil control for  the deepest feeling clean
Price :  Rs 150 for 100g tube

PROs of Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Facial Cleanser

• Cleanses really well,skin is left feeling VERY clean
• Definitely oil controlling ,after using it my face is oil free for almost 4-5 hours
• Doesn’t stop acne completely but it definitely takes out all the pimples on your face
• Pretty affordable

CONs Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Facial Cleanser

• A little drying, but it is acceptable. 🙂

After the cleanser is my favourite toner and that’s Biotique’s Bio Cucumber Face Freshner

I wont say much about it since a review has already been done on it.But this toner has really helped me removing my blemishes which were left because of acne. But when I went to buy a new bottle of it some days ago I found out that Biotique is revamping the packaging of all its products. When the SA told me that, the first thing I expected from was flip caps instead of those screw caps, I SOO hate it when I have to open that cap daily. B ut when I opened the new packaging I was so disappointed to see they haven’t changed it. Anyways, this is how the new packaging looks like

Biotique Bio Cucumber Face Freshner
After cleanser and toner, a moisturizer that has really helped with my acne is Clean and Clear Skin Balancing Mosturizer.

Clean and Clear Skin Balancing Mosturizer

This product has helped me so much,it is definitely oil controlling. And I love that non greasy feeling which it gives me. Though it might get a bit drying during winters but I am in Indore and winters aren’t really a problem here and it is just PERFECT for summers. Again I wont say much about it since a review has already been done. But if you have acne and you want to get rid of it, you SHOULD try this.

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43 thoughts on “How I Got Rid of Acne

  1. Hi Ritika!!

    Very nice and detailed article!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: Thanks for sharing your experience here :thanks: ..I think I’d definitely pick Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Facial Cleanser next time I go to H&G. I don’t suffer from acne, but yeah get minor breakouts when I am stressed and because of pollution and all! And welcome to IMBB!! :)) :))..

  2. hey ritika welcome to the family.very nicely written
    am ur sister in suffering from acne and id try nd pick the cleanser soon
    all love

  3. very well written experience Ritika,.. I remembered my story which is similar to you…
    I too neglected my face for many years but now i have learnt to spare some time for myself…

  4. Hey flygirl,the cleanser is great for can trust me on that 🙂 Do try it and dont forget to tell me if it helped or not 😉

  5. Hey Priyanka 🙂
    I know ,we all do that in some point of our mom still scolds me about that 😉 Haha
    But these experiences taught us very important lessons,dont they ?

  6. Great review….I’ve used the cleanser & I really liked it I also love the Himalaya neem cleanser….great for acne prone skin. I recently bought the tea tree toner from TBS. This cucumber one also looks so nice 🙂
    I was in doubt about the moisturiser I should use. Thanks for thr rcommendation. i will look out for this

  7. Neutrogena really is a decent cleanser for oily skin girls. It is a bit drying, but I think it should be good for people who are trying to get rid of acne.. 🙂 🙂

  8. Yeah,you are write ..infact all of these three products are actually meant for oily skin ,but since they are oil controlling and drying..they are perfect for acne prone skin

  9. Thanks for the article Ritika! I will definitely try the Neutrogena cleanser. I’ve used Lotus basiltone toner and I really like it. I’m trying out Fab India tea tree toner now. Among oil free moisturizers- I’ve used Lotus alpha moist and Neutrogena one. Lotus gave me much better hydration. My acne is gone now but I have some marks left. Did you dermatologist recommend you something for that?

    1. I think the night cream that he gave me were for blemishes only plus the pills worked like a magic wand ! I think you should try Biotique’s Bio cucumber toner,it really helped me a hell lot ! :toothygrin:
      Btw,even I was thinkin to use a tea tree toner,but i was thinkin about body shop one,hows the fab india toner ? :whistle:

      1. I’ve just begun to use the Fab India toner . Give me a week or two to see how it works.I’ll let you know for sure. Next, I’ll try Biotique cucumber one. I’m using TBS night lotion and it has lightened my blemishes but it works very slowly.

            1. the strawberry one only ! you didnt use it yet ? Gosh,I have got such good reviews about it that i cant resist to get it. The last time I went to bodyshop i bought a mascara instead i dont know why :/ Will definitely buy it the next time I go

              1. Oh I’ve used it but I use it veryyy rarely. It smells so heavenly. You’ll feel like eating it! When I use this one up, I’m going to try the Satsuma body polish. It smells very fresh and citrus though I like strawberry smell more.

                1. Wow..thats sounds pretty yumm.. :woot:
                  I am so gonna get it the next time i go to body shop ! These exams are such a big obstacle :wilt: :wilt:

  10. Hii Ritika nice article…And I would like to suggest everybody that if you have acne PLEASE go to a dermatologist and do not try every skincare product the minute you see an advertisement.

    Till some months ,I had lots of acne.LIke I would use soo many products(and home recipies),but the minute 1 pimple is gone another would appear somewhere o my face.

    I have spent a fortune on skincare products (all high end and drugstore brands) but met with little sucess.

    But recently I went to a dermat and used a soap and gel as suggestd by him.And believe me,my acne has disappeared (Touchwood touchwood touchwood).Only few scars are remaining which will ,hopefully,disappear in a few weeks.

    So moral of the story:If you have acne please go to a dermat ,clear it and then only splurge on skincare products. :yahoo: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

    1. Yeah I completely agree with you on that sonam..acne should never be ignored or taken for granted..If you think you have little more than mild acne then you should definitely got to a dermatologist !

  11. i never found clean and clear moisturizer and has to use lotus alphamoist instead……..could u plz tell me the store in indore were u purcchase this…..

  12. Hi All…even i had a acne prone skin…had too many pimples n nw i got rid of it by using biotique cleanser and biotique bio cucumber toner…it really works very well. and i do apply retina A cream…which does wonders for acnes….

  13. Very well said yet you still need to emphasize that it should not be pricked so that it won’t get worst and get infected. I know for certain that bacterial accumulation may have cause a total damage to acne but this will just happen if things won’t be stopped early.

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