Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Pack Review

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I’m back after a long break! But honestly, I really have no time to write reviews! I leave my home at 7am and come back at 7pm! Weekends are the only days when I get enough rest and time to do the things I love! So it is a Saturday today and I’m ready to write a review!

Price: 120 INR

My experience on Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Pack:

Starting off with the packaging, it comes in this bright pink packaging, which we all love and adore. It has a white lid. The details are printed along the circular body. The packaging looks very bulky but is light in weight. Initially when you look at it, you feel, oh wow you are going to get a lot of product. But as soon as you open it, you see how smartly they have packed the product in little pouches. They have also reduced their number of pouches to 8 maybe instead of 10 to 12.

In some ways, the pouches are extremely handy because they are travel friendly and easy to just cut them out and use it. The quantity seemed less to me when I looked because the pouch is exactly half filled with the product. But when I mixed it with milk, it seemed appropriate for one use. The powder is milky white in color. It resembles milk or yoghurt powder and smells the same.

The powder is soft to touch but when I mixed it with milk, it took a lot of time to get mixed very well. It doesn’t mix easily like other face packs do. Initially it just refuses to get incorporated with any liquid that you are using. You have to mix rigorously to get a nice paste.

After all the hard work of mixing it, when you apply it on your face, you are greeted to a strong fragrance of dairy. I really do not like the overpowering smell of dairy and this one nails it! The fragrance lingers even after you wash with a mild face wash. You have to use a strong scented face wash to get rid of the curd-like smell.
Let me tell you a quick little story. The first time I applied it, was on my birthday. I applied it and kept for 5 minutes that’s when my friends came in to surprise me. Imagine me, sitting on the sofa, wearing comfy Pjs, scrolling down through my instagram with a face pack and my friends barging in my home! I rushed to my bedroom, washed off the pack, changed my clothes and came out to see a huge cake waiting for me. :p

Okay, that being said, my point is, when I washed the pack off within 5 minutes, I could see a clear glow to my face. My face looked bright and fresh. Even my friends noticed it and asked what I used. It gave me a dewy finish and a visible glow.
The next time I used it, my face felt softer and there was a tiny glow to it. But the brightness was missing and my face feels tiny bit greasy too. Same with all the other times I have used it.
It doesn’t break you out, your face will feel soft and supple and there will be a glow, but it doesn’t remove tan!

Pros of Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Pack :

  • Pouches are convenient to use.
  • Nicely packed.
  • Decent price.
  • Adds a nice glow to the face.
  • Gives a dewy finish.
  • Makes the skin soft and supple.

Cons of Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Pack:

  • Strong, over powering dairy fragrance.
  • Makes the skin greasy.
  • Doesn’t help remove tan.
  • Mixing it with milk or rose water is a pain.

IMBB Rating: 2.5 / 5
Final verdict:
Might as well skip this!

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