Avoid Eating These Foods in the Morning to Stay Slim

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and not without any reason – the right kind of breakfast can kickstart the metabolism, give you the right kind of energy to motor through the day, and keep the weight loss process in motion. Breakfast determines whether you would be sluggish or energetic for the rest of the day. However, since most of us are in a mad rush in the mornings, we end up grabbing a bite or two on the way out of the door, and most of the times, it’s “ready-to-eat” sugary stuff that instantly get that necessary sugar rush to kickstart the day. But surprisingly, the same kind of breakfast might be leading to weight gain, especially belly fat. An ideal breakfast should have a good amount of protein, the right kind of complex carbs, fiber, and healthy fats too. It should also have low glycemic index and regulate blood sugar levels. If you feel sluggish and a slump in energy just one to two hours after eating the breakfast, you need to reassess what kind of food you are indulging in the morning. To remain slim and to lose weight, avoid eating the foods listed below in the morning. Instead, refer to Weight Loss diets on Rati Beauty app to find what kind of breakfast you should be indulging in to lose weight and get slim.

Avoid Eating These Foods in the Morning to Stay Slim

1. White Bread and Jam: Bread is a staple in a lot of Indian households and it’s hard to let go of bread. However, there are healthier options to white bread (Best Bread for Weight Loss). This bread is made from refined flour and lacks fiber or any other nutrient. And if you are pairing it with jam which is loaded with sugar, it will rapidly spike up insulin levels and insulin will lead to storage of fat if excess calories running in the system. Avoid bread and jam to jumpstart your day.

2. Flavoured Greek yogurt: Not all yogurts are healthy and you cannot start the day with sugar-loaded, flavoured, Greek yogurt tubs that though appeal greatly to the tastebuds, they are extremely bad for the waistline.

3. Pancakes: Let’s see how you make your pancakes – if it’s made from refined flour/maida with generous amount of white sugar, it’s not better to have any breakfast at all. Even though you may eat pancakes with honey, the combo will shoot up blood sugar levels and then the subsequent slump will leave you craving for more food.

4. Sandwiches from food joints: Sandwiches are easy to grab on the go, when you are in a hurry, and may not seem to be loaded with calories, in fact, may seem healthy if you can spot cucumber and tomato slices in between, but food joints do add quite a lot of mayonnaise, sauces, and other high-calorie condiments to  appeal to the tastebuds of customers. Also, if it’s made from white bread, it can be considered junk food.

5. Biscuits and Chai: Love dunking biscuits and cookies in chai and term it as a light breakfast? It might not be the healthiest way to start your day with empty calories from the biscuits and sugar from the chai.

6. Muffins: The smell and sight of muffins can pull you towards them and one would require a lot of will power to refuse a bit, but refined flour and sugar is the culprit here too. Have a hearty breakfast instead of a tiny muffin.

7. Citrus fruits: Having citrus fruits that have high acidic content such as oranges on empty stomach may lead to heartburn and gastric problems.

8. Substituting Breakfast with one glass of Readymade Fruit Juice: Pouring out fruit juice from a packaged can that claims to be made from real fruits may be tempting, but loaded with artificial color, flavour, and sugar, you cannot replace the most important meal of the day with this liquid calorie-rich beverage.

9. Packaged Cereals: Not all, but a majority of packaged cereals that claim to be made from whole grains actually have highly-processed refined grains which can make you insulin resistant with its high sugar content.

10. Raw Tomatoes: Okay, so if you have decided to eat just raw tomatoes as breakfast to keep tabs on the calories, wrong decision! The tannic acid in tomatoes combine with gastric juices and can irritate the gastric lining.

11. Protein Bars: These bars which claim to be rich in protein also have preservatives and added sugar. It’s better to eat traditional Indian breakfast such as idli, dosa, poha, thepla, rolled oats instead.

12. Instant Flavoured Oats with added Sugar: Sure, oats are a staple in every health-conscious person’s diet, but not instant flavoured ones which have high amount of sugar and additives in them.

13. Readymade coffee drinks: Brew your own coffee at home because the readymade ones have high amount of sugar that will shoot the blood sugar up the roof and lead to weight gain.

14. Freshly-squeezed fruit juices: We hate to burst this bubble for you – but freshly-squeezed cause rapid spike in blood sugar and subsequent slump which will leave you lethargic later on.  Also, freshly-squeezed fruit juices lack that essential fiber.

15. Raw Veggies in Salad Form: Salads are best had during the later part of the day, not as a morning breakfast because raw veggies may cause flatulence and abdominal pain on empty stomach.

16. Waffles: They sound yummy, but are best had as cheat meal, not as a breakfast staple.

17. Toast with Margarine: Toast with butter is good, but toast with margarine (which claims to be better than butter) is not good because margarine is made from oils and is rich in transfat, complete no-no if you want get slim.

18. Granola: We would like to point out that packaged granola is not healthy with its sugar level.

19. Protein Powder with High Sodium content: We should have a good amount of protein in breakfast, but starting with a high-sodium protein powder shake will lead to water retention and bloating.

20. Diet Soda: Diet soda or any sweetened beverage is not good for weight loss or health in general with its empty calories, whatever time of the day, it really does not matter.

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