Avon Clearskin Oil Free Balancing Lotion Review

Avon Clearskin Oil Free Balancing Lotion

avon clearskin oil free balancing lotion
Today I want to talk about a product that I have been using for almost two months now. I want to recommend this product to all our oily skin club on imbb. If you belong the dry skin club, please skip reading this. I am talking about a moisturiser by avon, clearskin which is exactly like the clean and clear oil balancing lotion in texture, contents, feel and target area. I am so pleased with this product that I have almost forgotten about clean and clear oil balancing moisturiser.

Avon clearskin range: avon has a 4 step guide to clear skin comprising of a cleanser,toner, moisturiser, and blemish treatment. Though I have tried all, I am in no position to recommend the other three apart from the moisturiser as I found them way too strong for even our oily skin.

About the clearskin lotion

Price:Rs. 155 for 75 ml
What the bottle mentions:
This oil free balancing lotion with clear expert technology contains a powerful combination of salicylic acid and glycolic acid which helps tyreaty pimples, blemishes, white heads and blackheads. Penetrates the pores to control pimples and helps prevent the development of new pimples.leaves skin clear, fresh and balanced. dermatologist tested. allergy tested.
To use: Use morning and evening, after cleanisng cover the entire affected area. If dryness peeling or irritation occurs, reduce application t o once every other night.for best results and to achieve clear acne free skin use together with the entire range of clesarskin products

My Take on Avon Clearskin Oil Free Balancing Lotion

This is the third step in my cleansing toning and moisturising routine. I initially used to apply the clean and clear lotion which also contains salicylic acid for peeling skin of the dead skin cells there by preventing blocked pores. It’s a light green pastel kind of lotion. This product contains salicylic acid as well as glycolic acid which are both meant to peel skin off the dead cells for oily skin as the debris accumulates in the skin there by causing blackheads and blocked pores. What this product does for me is that it moisturises, leaves skin supple and simultaneously targeting blocked pores. I cant ask for more. Though the claims are too powerful but I found the product very gentle and not all irritating to my sensitive skin. It also says allergy tested and dermatologist tested which makes me even sure as that is very important for sensitive. It does not leave my skin greasy at all and there is no shiny after feel I use it as moisturiser as I don’t feel the need to top it up with some other lotion as well. Once I use this im done and I don’t have to worry about pimples anymore. The only point here is to be consistent with this, this is my second bottle and since then I have faced only occasional pimples. The product required is very less almost a 25 paise coin sized and is to be gently applied and not rubbed into the skin. They do mention to applied to only pimple prone areas but I use it everywhere on my face where I may have a chance to get pimples. All in all it’s a great product for me as it moisturises, treats and refreshes skin

Pros of Avon Clearskin Oil Free Balancing Lotion

No oily after feel
Reduced pimple eruptions
No greasy feel
Salicylic acid
Glycolic acid
Flip open cap
Very little quantity required
Can easily and effectively substitute my clean and lcear lotion
No sensitivity felt on my sensitive skin

Cons of Avon Clearskin Oil Free Balancing Lotion

It may have a medicinal feel to it
if u do not find salicylic acid to work for your pimples you may not like it
it may cause dryness in dry summers or winters

Word of caution:
Use it sparingly may be just once a day to start with and be consistent with it .it works!

Rating: 3.75 on 5 (minus points for the medicine feel, and dryness caused due to peeling in dry weather)

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33 thoughts on “Avon Clearskin Oil Free Balancing Lotion Review

  1. Nice review, Neha. I haven’t tried this yet even though I have pimples and oily skin, because of the salicylic acid it contains. I steer clear of products which have this because it burns my skin. Maybe I should just give it a try by using very little first, as you said. :haanji:

  2. I’ll check this out when my neutrogena moisturizer finishes but then I hope it does not make the face greasy……..neutrogena one makes me oily after a couple of hours :waiting:

  3. Thanks for the review neha! Thank you :jaiho: :jaiho: i got this because of u….. will start using this regularly!

  4. it’s seems that it’s a boon for my oily pimple-prone sensitive skin…. plz tel me if it’s available at any cosmetic shop or drug store

  5. Sounds really good, am in the oily club too and get break outs on my chin and cheeks from time to time. Fab that it doesnt leave an oily sheen post application!

  6. Neha,is it better than Clean and Clear ? It has been the only moisturizer that worked on my skin during the horrible humid weather :wilt: :wilt: :wilt:

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