Avon Goldshine Lipgloss in Ruby Luster Review

Avon Goldshine Lipgloss Review, Swatch and Comparison

I wasn’t at all a lipgloss fan a year back. I only used them to top over lipsticks in evening occasions to get the luster and plump. I must say I could find very limited options (that time I knew only about Lakme lipglosses in tubes). However, recently many brands have introduced new products in this line and thanks to IMBB I could learn about their pros and cons and see their swatches before buying them. I now use glosses everyday and have tried quite a few of them. With the winters coming – I ordered one of Avon Goldshine lip glosses in a recent haul based on their November catalog.

Avon Goldshine Lipgloss
Avon Goldshine Lipgloss

The best thing about Avon-apart from having some great products-I feel is that this company frequently comes up with amazing offers so that you can strike a deal buying great stuff at much lower prices! The prices are also reasonable and with discounts they almost become a must –buy 🙂 . All you have to do is scrutinize the Avon catalog every month for current offers. So in this month I found that they have allowed a big discount on the Goldshine lipgloss which was originally priced at Rs 329. They have three shades: Honey Gold, 24K Pink and Ruby Luster. I always found Avon lipglosses to receive good reviews and thanks to this month’s offer I ordered the Goldshine lipgloss in Ruby Luster at once. For this month the 4.5g of product came for Rs 199.

Avon Goldshine Lipgloss tube
Avon Goldshine Lipgloss tube

Seeing the color on the catalog I was pretty excited– it shows a magenta-purple color with gold shimmer which seemed to promise a great look, also I don’t have this color in my collection. However, when I received my stuff, I found the lipgloss to be actually having a deep pink tint with very fine golden shimmer. Well, this is a particular problem with catalog shopping- the colors (except black) hardly ever match the ones given on catalog-that’s why I don’t feel like ordering lipcolors although Avon and oriflame have some real good stuff to offer. My disappointment was more because I have the Maybelline Color sensational lipgloss in “Hooked on Pink” which leaves almost the exact same color on lips as the Avon Goldshine lipgloss in Ruby Luster.

Avon Goldshine lipgloss Swatch
Avon Goldshine lipgloss Swatch

So that’s the swatch for the Avon Goldshine lipgloss in Ruby luster which is also on my lips. The pros and cons of this lipgloss as I felt are:
1) Nice color and consistency-the shimmer actually makes the lips look lustrous and the gloss makes them look plump but it’s not sticky at the same time.
2) It stays on well from morning till before lunch. However it fades completely after lunch (after eating that is or even after sipping some beverage)
3) It softened and moisturized my lips as long as it stayed.
4) The gloss is not very thick so staying power is not “all day”. Also, as I said, I really wanted the magenta color with gold shimmer in it-but didn’t get it-so that’s another disappointment. Other than that- there are no big qualms over this product since it came at such a reasonable price. I may try the honey gold shade next if the discount persists.

Rating: 3/5

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Now, Comparison with Maybelline Color Sensational lip-gloss in “hooked on pink”

Avon Goldshine & Maybelline Color Sensational Lipgloss
Avon Goldshine & Maybelline Color Sensational Lipgloss

The bottom one is the Maybelline gloss. The left and wider swatch on the fist is that of Maybelline Color sensational lip-gloss in hooked on pink.

Both the glosses are moisturizing and they deliver good amount of color to lips. However, I felt the Maybelline gloss to be thicker and it stays longer than the Avon gloss. With the Maybelline gloss on my lips, I could see a trace of color in the evening even after having lunch and coffee in the meanwhile. Also the color range of Maybelline glosses is much larger. Thus, once the discount on Avon gold shine gloss lifts Maybelline Color sensational glosses will surely have an edge over them.  Currently I love both.

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38 thoughts on “Avon Goldshine Lipgloss in Ruby Luster Review

  1. Very cute packaging.. 🙂 and this shade in lipgloss is my all time fav.. I end up picking up similar shade everytime I go out for shopping 😛

    1. Hehehe..same happens for me too!!! In lipsticks I always end up buying peaches peaches and more peaches..so have to borrow lippys from mom when I am wearing outfits of other colors 😀 😀 ..actually there are some “signature” colors for each of us..that suits us best..and we end up having a nose for them!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    1. Hey Thanx! U r r8..this pink color is such a favorite of mine that I dont mind having two of them!! Still for a change I need to check out some other shades too.. :drool: :drool:

    1. Thanxx!!! I really have become a lip gloss fan..previously I used to think they wont suit me..but now I use them more than lipsticks :-)) :-)) :-))

    1. HI Jomol! Thanxx..Just read your review!! Me too got the creamy mask this month..and I have exactly same opinion on it as u do!! As for the gloss..I just hope the offer continues in dec as well..me want the honey gold one 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Anuradha,
    I’ve got both glosses but before you pointed out I never realized the similarity in shades :laugh: …I think when you apply it on lips there a subtle change in color perception, infact when Rati reviewed some Estee lauder?? gloss in some ruby?? shade i thought the Avon one was pretty close but then it could be just me…i got the extralasting gloss in infinite berry this time and it is good too..if you have it can you review it too and if you use Avon regularly could you do more avon revs…Thkx

    1. yupp.Avon is one brand from which I get atleast 1 stuff each month..(my Avon lady often sends a Cadbury’s dairy milk with the delivery..coz shez so happy with her customer 😀 :rotfl: ) ..I am writing another review on some Avonstuff now..would be posting it shortly!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I love Avon!!! you know for december because of christmas they having fab fab offers here atleast!! So many new products have come out. The latest in lipgloss being the glazewear diamonds one. It’s said to be the sparkliest of all avon shades 😀
    This gloss looks great!! too bad we don’t get it here 🙁

    1. I am sure we will get a share of Avon’s Christmas festivities here too!!! My Avon lady already has sent me a few samples of upcoming fragrances..they r gr8..Avon users and lovers are increasing by leaps and bounds..thanks to its amazing prices and for some really good stuff (and their representatives are nice and prompt too!!) 🙂 🙂

  4. I have a Question:Does gloss look good on plump lips???I have slightly plump lips and sometimes use Loreal gloss.But my lips end up looking very fuller .But it happens to suit my friends who have similar plump lips.I even tried using matte lipsticks but none of them suit me.Whi\at kind of lip make up would suit me???Currently I am avoiding it totally 😥 😥

    1. I agree with Parinaaz.. :yes: :yes: .I guess with plump lips you should try wearing sheer lippys..not matte ones..in light shades..and also use a lip liner..with it u can define ur lips as desired..and hey!! never skip lip makeup 🙂 🙂 .

  5. Anuradha what are”sheer”lipsticks..Any good brand you know??(Actually I am very new to the concept of “MAKE-UP”.)
    Anyways,Thanks a lot for the tips Anuradha and Parinaaz!!Will surely try.

    1. Hey Sonam..sheer colors are actually shades which look shimmery and shiny rather than matte or creamy-just ask the SA in the brand counter to show u sheer/shimmery shades and u will get the effect from the swatch. u can get such shades in any brand-try revlon/loreal..I have two b’ful sheer shades from street wear as well!!! :-)) :-))

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