Avon Supershock Mascara Review

Avon Supershock Mascara

HI All, here I am going to talk about a truly great product from AVON, the AVON supershock mascara. Well, first of all I must thank IMBB-it really infused in me the habit of reading reviews of products before buying them-and now I track down reviews of anything-from cell phones to skin care products and makeup to movies before I give them a shot 🙂

Mascara was something didn’t like, honestly, before I bought the AVON Supershock mascara. I was even literally scared that if the lash-full of black paint melts down my face it’s going to make a nightmare of my look. So this part of eye makeup was pretty unexplored by me (in spite of reading about waterproof mascaras because I saw they clump like hell and are very difficult to remove). I read about the recent favorites and budget mascaras– Maybelline Define a Lash and Colossal volume mascara here in IMBB before I came across the AVON online catalog . Surfing through the AVON catalog, however I spotted the AVON Super Shock mascara- and looked up for its review on the internet. There I found quite impressive ones- with users raving about this product and giving it full-on thumbs up! I found the price to be quite affordable too- and that was when I decided place an order for it.

Avon Supershock Mascara
Avon Supershock Mascara

Product Name: AVON Super Shock Mascara
Price: Rs 385 for 10g (watch out for discounts-for I got it for around Rs 300)
What it claims: High Impact Volume in just one sweep. Thickening base coat and plumping color in one formula. Claims to give 12X boost to lashes

My experience with this Product:

Fabulous! This is just the word I would like to use for this piece of cake! This is an awesome mascara. This is so appealing to me as not only I am a first timer at trying this but also my eye area sweats a lot and I am constantly in dread of eye makeup melting in summer. I have medium thick lashes and I never knew they can stand up to attention before using this product!!! I just love and love and love this mascara now and hardly feel like using two of the other mascaras (Maybelline Define a Lash and Colossal Volume) after discovering this.

1) Texture: The mascara is a smooth paste-neither clumpy-nor fluid. It is not jet black-somewhat sheer black in color. This however does not show up on lashes-as it looks perfectly black on drying up on the lashes.

2) The next important thing is the wand. So far I had used two types-the usual ones with twisted bristles and once I used the Maybelline Last stylist mascara which had comb bristles. I thought the comb wand suited me the most. However, the AVON super shock mascara has a different kind of wand –it is longer and thicker than usual and the bristles are quite different. The long and strong handle gives me a proper hold but the claim of superiority is mainly due to the bristles as it is most vital in giving uniform strokes to make the lashes look long and separate.

Avon Supershock Mascara wand
Avon Supershock Mascara wand

3) Waterproof: Well I have not bathed with this one on-but sultry Kolkata heat can melt makeup like butter on a frying pan 🙂 .  I can say-you just use this product-and forget about it. No melting/leaking.

4) Absolutely non clumping. In spite of being super waterproof, this mascara does not give pyramid lashes-It perhaps has a light weight formula that also does not make lashes feel heavy or droopy.

5)It really adds volume and length to lashes-volumnising mascaras are like broadband connections at our place-it shows 100Mbps-but hardly ever crosses 2/3 Mbps. Similarly-I don’t think till now any mascara can give a 12X length or volume (no one even wants that!!it will make lashes look like curtains 🙂  ) But this mascara gives a decent coverage to lashes making them appear full, thick and “reasonably” long. I am happy!!!

6) The best part comes at the end: this mascara comes off with just 1 swab of cotton with  any ordinary cleanser-no panda eyes-no residues-no pulling at lashes or inventing new theories for it’s removal (I really needed one for removing the colossal volume mascara-it simply refuses to go!!) . The mascara is a no-nonsense thing and can be anyone’s favorite!

7) It takes a little time to dry-however you can add 2-3 coats within that time and let it dry..using more of it doesn’t clump-only adds to the effect. The lashes never remain stiff after using this mascara-and I know it’s a sin-but I use the eyelash curler after this mascara has dried to get real curly-n-long lashes..never had any trouble or lash-fall so far!!
Pros: All that you read so far
Cons: My other mascaras are drying up because of my favoritism for this!!!
Will I repurchase?  Surely-can even gift to friends!!!

Avon Supershock Mascara on eyes
Avon Supershock Mascara on eyes

That’s how my eyes look with this mascara. It’s an absolutely feather light yet waterproof mascara-you can count the lashes actually!



40 thoughts on “Avon Supershock Mascara Review

  1. Thanks for the review…Looks like the mascara I’ve been waiting for..Buying this riteaway..
    Btw I am from kolkata too..Where do u stay?

    1. Hi Minnie! I stay a bit away from Kolkata..near Barackpore..but since my Univ and all shoppin destinations are very much IN kolkata..have to come here everyday :sweat: ..wat bout u??

  2. My friend told me this is very very good…and now your review too…me surely surely surely going to try this – but I will wait for when its at a discounted price 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 You have such prettttttttty eyes :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))

      1. sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Rads…my internet is makin a hell outta my lyf…so this comment got duplicated…but thankuu!!!! and surely try thhis one…among all the mascaras in its ranger…this I found to be the best!!

  3. I use this tooo….and I like it so much…. :-* :-*

    I even like Avon Super Extend Mascara……for really long lashes….a must try for mascara lovers
    nice review :clap: :clap:

  4. Oh Anuradha.. You have such lovely cute eyes.. I bet you are really really cute!!! :-* :-* :-*

    So glad you found a mascara you loved… Enjoy.. 😉

    1. Thaanku u sooo much Mrun!!!! :inlove: :inlove: !!! But truly..this mascara has made this beauty item my must have!!! :yes: :yes:

  5. nice review Anuradha .. I have had my eyes on this for a while now.. 🙂 Definately buying this one next.
    Avon does have some really good stuff. :-))

    1. yepp..what I see is that Avon’s “eye makeup” segment has some unique products..the glimmersticks and the mascaras…I just hope they introduce all those stuff they have in their international catalog in India!!! :chic: :chic:

  6. hey beautyful eyes u hav. btw what did u use as eye liner, its pretty. can u help me find a rep for avon. me too stay in kolkata.

    1. Hi Bulbul thaaanx!!! I used the lakme glide on eyecolor in aqua green in the first pic and lakme perfect definition eye pencil in black in the second..if AVON gave me the courage to try mascaras-lakme definitely gave me the first tryst with colored liners :-)) :-))
      And my AVON representative is Poulomi Saha from Tollygaunge..she is very nice and delivers my products just in 1 week at any convenient place I ask her to!!! You just google “avon representative kolkata, tollygaunge” and u will get a “clickindia” classified ad..here you will get her number

      1. Oh let me correct it. 😛

        Here is a little query I got for you in email today. 🙂

        “Anuradha bought the Matt Perfection Brush. I want to ask her if this brush is working well for her and whether it sheds/bleeds or has any other unforgivable flaw.”

        1. HI Rati! thanx for correctin my post trio..sorry coz my internet connection is really givin me a hard time..getting disconnected in every few minutes ..so cudnt post properly :-(( :-(( …Well my experience with the oriflame matte perfection brush is nice so far..its soft and it does a good blending job when I use it for blusher or compact..But as for the shedding-well not yet-but I needa see it- say-after I use it for some more time/wash it ..?:-) ..so no severe flaws detected till now :-))

            1. Thanks Anuradha and Rati!! This brush query was mine. 😉 I’m going to go ahead and order mine. I also remember Mrun going ga ga over her Oriflame kabuki. So these 2 recos are enough for me to get these 2 brushes. 🙂

    1. Thanxx!!! I am wearin lakme glideon eyecolor in aqua green ..in second pic I have lined me eyes with lakme perfect definition eye pencil in black…and have lined my lower lids using Lotus kajal in both of these :beauty:

  7. are you from Kolkata? I usually go there in the Winter and wearing make-up is quite fine, but I cannot imagine wearing make-up when it’s not Winter in Kolkata… this sounds like a fool proof to me!

    1. 😀 😀 😀 …Well kolkata becomes a nightmare during summer months..but wearing some basic makeup like foundation, compact, kajal and lipgloss has become like a routine for me..so can’t step out without them..although I have a skin that loves to break out :laugh:
      wat u can do is to skim through products and reviews on them to find out some product that will really suit your skin in summer…I guess there’s some thing for everyone :inlove:

    1. Thaaanx!! But oh no! thats awful!!! still I will ask u to take a chance and get one..this is really nyc..wat I see is that mine is not even 2 months old..but I feel as if the content is nearing its end..dunno..may be it Really dries out fast 🙁

    1. thaaaannnk you!!! dats a big encouragement..well lemme see..if I strike a new eye look..I will surely try to make one..that will be something totalllllllly new xperience for me!!!

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