Ayur Sunscreen Protection+Fairness SPF 30 + EverYuth Face Pack Review


Ayur Sunscreen
Ayur Sunscreen


The sun with its harmful UVA and UVB is the most responsible factor for maximum skin damages.  Minimum loss, which your skin bears on exposure to sun is sunburns, ageing, and pigmentation.  Ayur sunscreen lotion with SPF-30 enriched with natural ingredients provides a wide spectrum of protection from UVA and UVB rays reflecting those harmful sunrays.  Its multi-function formula enriched with vitamins provides fairness while protecting from sun.


Apply evenly on face and exposed areas of the body liberally 20  minutes before sun exposure.


Aqua, Octyl Methoxyinnamate, Benzophenone-3, Antaron V-220, Butyal Methoxyldibenzoylmethane, C-12, C15, Alkyl Benzoate, Tinosorb-M, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E, Perfume.


Rs. 110 for 100 ml.

Ayur Sunscreen SPF 30
Ayur Sunscreen SPF 30


Ayur is not a very high-end product, but they have dynamic marketing tactics.  Ayur’s widespread approach coupled with low-priced products and easy availability makes this brand feasible for all kinds of customers.  Ayur products are available right from the multi-chain supermarkets to the provision store one can locate in a nook across the street.  Even the local beauty parlours stock up on Ayur products.  Such availability is rarely seen among other brands.  I am not a huge fan of Ayur products because they are not great on results, I have used the toner and astringent from the Ayur range, but they contain strong alcoholic content and dehydrated my skin, since then, I have stayed away from Ayur.  But, recently, Ayur have revamped themselves and one can find the same old product in new packaging, something like, “old wine in a new bottle.” The posts on IMBB enlightened me about the importance of using a sunscreen separately on the skin, since then, I make it point to use a sunscreen lavishly.  This Ayur sunscreen was lying in my sister’s cupboard in complete abandonment.  I tried to give it a try because the packaging looks similar to that of Lotus Herbals sunscreen.  Also of note, this particular sunscreen has SPF of 30.

I glanced over the ingredients and found that it is aqua based and contains Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamin E, meaning I could give it a try, also, the tube does not mention for what skin type it is for, so I assumed it would work for my oily skin.

The bright colored tube contains a white-coloured cream whose consistency is very runny and upon opening up the flip-flop cap, the odorless cream spilled out and made everything messy.  More than the required amount came out and my sister pointed out that it was not that liquidy when she had bought it 2 months before and that the hot temperatures might have melted it into a thinner consistency.  There is not much of a fragrance and the sunscreen is odorless.  The good thing about it is that it gets quickly absorbed into the skin and only a little amount is required, but it does start to turn greasy after a while.  Also, I should point out that after just one use, I had zits the next day.  So, I could not gather the courage to use it on my face again.  However, remarkably, it works wonderfully as a sunscreen-cum-body lotion.


IMBB STAR RATING: :star: :star:


  • It may be used as a body lotion.


  • The consistency of the sunscreen will change according to the change in weather and temperature.
  • Turns greasy on oily skin.
  • The sunscreen is odorless.
  • The packaging is very messy, once the sunscreen turns runny, it is difficult to manage with the flip-flop opening.
  • Price is higher as compared to other Ayur products, which might not go down well with regular Ayur brand users.
  • I do not think the fairness claim holds any water because I have seen others using it and have seen no difference in their complexions.

Have you tried Ayur Sunscreen Protection+Fairness With SPF 30? Please rate in the box below.

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Everyuth Rose Face Pack
Everyuth Rose Face Pack

WHAT Everyuth Naturals Home Facial Rose Face Pack CLAIMS:

  • Cleanses and refreshes skin from deep within.
  • 100% Natural home facial rose face pack is enriched with the powerful natural properties of multani mitti and rose petals.  This face pack deep cleanses your skin, removes impurities, and bacteria without taking away skin’s luster.
  • Leaves your skin looking fresh, alive, and glowing.


  • Multani Mitti:  Deep cleanses and purifies your skin.
  • Rose Petals:  Soften, tone, and refresh, leaving behind a gentle floral scent of fresh roses.


First wash your face.  Mix 1 to 2 spoons of face pack with equal amount of cold water to form a paste.  Apply an even layer on face and neck and allow it to dry for about 10 to 15 minutes.  Rinse the face with water.

PRICE: Rs. 15 for 25 g.


Everyuth Neem Face Pack
Everyuth Neem Face Pack

WHAT Everyuth Neem Face Pack CLAIMS:

  • Purifies skin.  Helps prevent acne, pimples, and blemishes.
  • 100% Natural home facial neem face pack contains natural anti-bacterial ingredients like Tulsi, Neem, and sandalwood, which purify the skin, help prevent acne, pimples, marks, blemishes, and excess oil secretion.  Use twice a week regularly, to lighten your skin colour, and to get a clearn and problem-free complexion.


Kaolin, Bentonite, Talc, Shimla Chhal Powder, Neem Leaves Powder, Tulsi Powder, Sandal Powder, Sandal Powder, Fragrance, Methyl Paraben Sodium, Sodium Benzoate.

Everyuth Neem Face Pack Packet
Everyuth Neem Face Pack Packet


First wash your face.  Mix 1 to 2 spoons of face pack with equal amount of cold water to form a paste.  Apply an even layer on face and neck and allow it to dry for about 10 to 15 minutes.  Rinse the face with water.

Everyuth Neem Face Pack Dry
Everyuth Neem Face Pack Dry

PRICE: Rs. 15 for 25 g.

Everyuth Neem Face Pack Paste
Everyuth Neem Face Pack Paste



Everyuth walnut scrubs are staples and indispensible in daily skin care regimen for many of us and with the Rs. 8 sachets becoming easily available all over, the scrubbing market has been taken over by Everyuth scrubs, but after using both neem and rose packs from their home facial range, I think they do not score even average with regards to face packs.

The face packs come sealed in an aluminum-foil sealed pack with lightly scented powders, which when mixed with cold water form into a grainy textured paste.  I scrubbed my face thoroughly before applying the face pack.  I am not providing a separate description for rose and neem packs and how they turned out because both of them gave similar results.  The face packs turn out completely different from the exaggerated description on the cover.  They do not work at all the way they are meant to be.  In fact, my skin became very dry and stretchy after using the face packs for two weeks on twice-a-week basis.  The rose pack and neem pack give the same results, i.e., dry, parchy, and detergent-washed feeling that needs heavy moisturizing afterwards.  I am glad they are just coming out with the 25 g packets, which cost only Rs. 15, otherwise, it would have been such a waste of money to pay a higher price and end up with parched and dry skin.

Also, I would like to point out that, though the neem pack says 100% Naturals, it contains Methyl Paraben Sodium and Sodium Benzoate as key ingredients, so what about the 100% Natural claim.  I would advise in investing in good quality face packs (like Biotique) or even average face packs like Himalaya Fruit pack or Neem Pack, than these powdery ones by Everyuth because no one would wish for an arid feeling skin after applying face packs.


No pros that I can think of except that they have the lowest price printed on the cover.


  • Your skin will be robbed off all moisture after the use.  One would need heavy moisturizing after the use.
  • It does not work at all in the way it is described on the cover.
  • It is not 100% natural, the claim is false, they have added Methyl Paraben Sodium and Sodium Benzoate.


There is no question of using it again.

IMBB STAR RATING: No rating, it does not work at all, in fact, it should be given minus rating because it misleads.

Have you tried Everyuth Naturals Home Facial Rose Face Pack With Multani Mitti And Rose Petals? Please rate in the box below.


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  1. Jomol, how are you…when are you going to get back to IMBB??? I just saw the tube with the lotion all out like that and I immediately knew its your post :evilgrin: :evilgrin: The face packs – I would have been tempted to try them simply because they come in these small packets – thank goodness now I need not. Woww…you refuse to give it any rating..guess I am safe with my Himalaya neem pack only!
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  3. I don’t even remember for how many years Everyuth face scrub was a staple in my skin care regime. I used to its big tubes. Didn’t even know they had these face packs.

    I have never used anything from Ayur as such except the cleansing milk and the shampoo. The shampoo gave me major hair fall and the cleansing milk, if I remem correctly, was okay. Overall I have found the brand to be very average. Most of the time I get to read negative reviews only.

    Btw how is the potato city treating you, Miss :beauty: ? :evilgrin:

    1. Ayur is high on hype, the astringent is so strong that it activates sebum production and makes oily skin oilier……… 🙁

      1. Thank God, i havent used their shampoos :heh: . BTW, Rati, as I suggested, you and Sanjeev should shift base to Gujarat….lots of potato for breakfast, lunch, and dinner……oh….thinking how polluted Gujarat’s air will become after a certain family’s potato binge :laugh: 😛

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  4. Hey Rads, I would never give these kind of powders another chance except if they are from Kerala…..but I really liked the Aroma magic milk face pack…. :yes:

  5. What did you try from Kerala? I remember I tried some facial…like a cream in a tub…I forgot its name now. Didnt make much of a difference for my skin, but everyone just raves about it there.

    1. Yeah Rads, all those Ayurvedic concotions work so good….are you talking about Dhatri face pack??…..I use rakthachandan bark, but then who has the time to make a paste out of it? :-((

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  9. Nah…not at all…it does help in treating blemishes…..but grinding and getting something out of that bark takes ages……… 🙁

  10. Nice Review… I’ve seen soooo many Ayur products at Health & Glow… Thank god I’ve not purchased anything so far 🙂

      1. Yeah Poutmati, at least someone is still sane here, not binging on potato, and not drinking castor oil or having an affinity towards Eno…. 🙂

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  12. hey jomol itoo bought this neem pack from everyuth few months backs … n my findings are v similar like yours…
    its dehydrates the skin, smell nt pleasant at least to me, couldn’t c any visible results, moreover the entire process is messy & time consuming. :-/ :pain:
    curently i m using it as body pack. he he 😀

    1. Hey Sush, I don’t mind it throwing away or gifting some really good friends of mine like Rads and Rati 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Except for one comment from Priya, this has become a RAd, Rati and Jomol Monopoly here :D, not that Im complaining 😛
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  17. ayur sunscreen affected ma skin badly..i mean i got sick of it…i recommend u all to not to use such bullshit products

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