BaByliss Back Comb Brush Review

babyliss backcomb hair brush

Claims : The BaByliss Back Comb Brush is perfect for back combing hair to create all the volume that any up-do needs. For a glamorous style all you need is the back comb brush as it has the ideal mix of boar bristles for ultimate tension on the hair to create full volume. It has a pin tail handle that is designed for sectioning hair and creating partings but it is also the best tool for positioning any back combed style.

Price : Rs 375 approx

My Experience :

I am absolutely a sucker for messy hair styles – messy bun, messy curls and messy straight hair. 😀 It’s very weird but that’s what I like. 😀  I have been wanting a good quality teasing comb for a while. I picked this Babyliss Teasing Backcomb Brush from a regular general store during our Europe trip. This is actually the first time I am using a teasing comb. I mostly just use to mess my hair with regular combs but this brush is pure bliss. I won’t lie but it looks like a mini toilet brush. loll!! But what it does is amazing. First the handle is quite sleek. You can part your hair with it and it fits the palm nicely. Then the bristles are neither hard nor too soft. It creates the right amount of pressure and tease for the hair. Love that it’s so sleek and can be easily travelled with.

Although it’s not a harsh comb for hair but it’s not advisable to backcomb your hair too frequently. But sometimes you can do. 🙂

It’s a faaabbbbb product to include in your hair styling routine if you like messy hair.

A short review because there’s much to write about it. If you can get hold of it. GET IT.

Rating : 5/5


babyliss backcomb hair brush review




And that’s what I do to my perfectly straightened hair on most days. 😀 babyliss

  • So I shampoo and blowdry my hair
  • Then I use a straightening iron to get rid of the waves.
  • I spray a lot of Surf Spray
  • And then I back comb / tease my hair with the brush and end up with this mess. I love it! 😀


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22 thoughts on “BaByliss Back Comb Brush Review

  1. Looks like it creates quite a HOT mess! U looking ravishing! But not for me! I have back combed my hair only once – my wedding day n what a nightmare it was to detangle later on! I vowed never to try that again!!

    1. hahha!! the wedding back coming they do is insane, K. a ton of hair spray and they really stop the movement of the hair. It’s mad and I know what you are talking about. 😛

      Thank you. Guess you should give it a go yourself. 😛

  2. 1. Even I love just messy hairstyles, nothing prim and proper.
    2. I was lusting after this comb ever since this local hairstylist used it on me.
    3. These are your hottest pics ever, Rati! Super super hot!

  3. Ooh, you look fantastic! Love the pics, Rati. I’ve never ever backcombed my hair. Don’t really have any use for it 😀 I’ve done it to my sister’s hair, though, when I was little. Badly, and with gusto! Ruined it 😛 Not proud of it now, but was very very proud of it back then!

    1. hahha!!! thanks sam. You ahve the most gorgeous curls I have seen. You really need not mess them up. I always need a bit of boost since my hair are super straight!!! :))

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