Back Hair Removal Tips

Back Hair Removal Tips

There might be a lot of reasons for you to need back hair removal, top most being feeling sexier..worry not as there are a lot of options for back hair removal and there are some essential tips you could follow to do it right.
Back Hair Removal Tips


Try back hair shavers, these shavers, which come in standard razor or electric varieties, allow you to shave your own back because of their extended arms. Use the mirrors to ensure that you have not missed any spots.

Exfoliate. You could take help of some one to do this, this will help you avoid ingrown hair.

Use a shaving gel on damp skin, shave in the opposite direction and clean the razor often to keep the shave close, a clogged razor is no good.

Apply soothing lotion post shaving.

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Hair removing cream:

Use a  long-handled brush for application, and evenly distribute the cream over your back.

Never rub the cream into the skin but make sure hair are evenly covered, wash hands after application.

Read the instructions and let it stay on for the depicted time,after which, use a damp cloth or towel to wipe a small area. If the hair does not come off easily, wait another couple of minutes.

Take help,and wipe the back clean then rinse off with warm water in the shower.

The painful but sure shot way to keep back hair free for longer, you need help for this one as there is no way you could wax your own back,

Wash your back with soap and water. Wax works best on dry skin free of lotions of grime.Dry your back thoroughly.

Coat a small area of the back with the wax in the direction of the hair growth.

Rub the strip firmly and then pull in an opposite direction, never straight up.

Wash the back with an antibacterial soap to reduce the risk of infection.

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Laser treatment:

It is the most costly among all the methods but then it is a permanent one. You will be forever free of back hairs after a good six to eight treatments.


It uses sugar paste (a mixture of sugar, lemon and water). The process for this is similar to waxing procedure.

Follow these simple tips to keep your back hair free the right way:

  • Follow the hair removal procedure regularly once you have decided to, you dont want stubble to rub against your clothes.
  • Whatever method you follow, follow the instruction to the T, hair removal or waxing kits tell you the right way to do it.
  • Shower with an anti bacterial soap after your session.
  • You are not the only one with the problem, so if your do it yourself methods don’t work, don’t be shy. Ask for help.
  •  Be prepared to take the pain, no pain no gain.
  • If getting it done professionally, never miss your sessions, specially for laser treatment.
  • Use a new razor blade for best results when shaving.
  • Take a pain killer  two hours before you wax if you are sensitive to pain.
  • Do not use an electric shaver in the shower.
  • For women, excessive back hair can be a symptom of a health issue. Visit a doc.


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