Nair Facial Hair Removal Cream Review

Nair facial hair remover cream review:

To begin with I not only have an acne problem but also have dense hair coverage on my face.

I keep on looking for ways to remove them and give me the easiest method. Bleaching, waxing, threading and hair removal creams have all been tried by me :0

Nair facial hair remover cream

About Nair:

Company website:

Nair has made it easier than ever to have smoother skin for longer with an amazing range of hair removal creams and waxes.
In our Gallup survey we found that if women could permanently change one aspect of their beauty routine, removing body hair would be high on the agenda. So we’ve focused on developing a range of fast-working, yet gentle solutions that make hair removal simple for every type of hair and skin area. Don’t forget to visit our expert leg technicians page for top tips and hair removal advice, tailored to you.

The product:

Upper Lip Kit gently removes unwanted facial hair from the upper lip area. The precision tip tube allows precise and easy application for effective hair removal.

facial cream

Follow this with the fragrance free moisturiser to leave your skin nourished and smooth to the touch.

How I use it:

I clean my face and then apply the cream directly on the area with hair usually my cheeks, neck and upper lip. Sometimes I use it on my chin area too.

I leave it for about 6-7 minutes and take it off. Usually it does take out my hair in the first go but if it does not I reapply the next day and not immediately after

I refrain from reapplying it immediately because of my skin’s response to chemicals like this.

I follow it up with an ice cube to lessen the swelling and after rubbing a cube I apply the moisturiser given with it.

It has worked all right on my skin. No pain just a faint very light veet like smell.

Though it has found to have a burning sensation on 2 of my friends and many reviews online but my take on this one is mostly positive and an average answer for hair removal the best obviously being permanent laser hair removal

Buy Nair facial hair removal cream why:

• You do not have to use your hand to touch the cream. You can directly apply it from the tube to upper lip area or cheek area wherever desired and take it off with a cotton wool.
• Very affordable I picked it up for 5 dollars.
• It does its job of removing hair
• Slight swelling after removing
• Does not hurt
• Handy tube
• No messy strip work

facial hair remover cream

Why not buy the Nair facial hair removal cream

• Out of all the times twice it left my upper lip swollen for more than an hour. Though I do think it can be due to something I have applied before using the cream.
• It stings and burns to a lot of people.
• Stings like mad on a blemish cut or open pore.
• Many people do not like this. Maybe this is not for sensitive skin.

Hope all you my lovelies have a warm day
Fly girl

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39 thoughts on “Nair Facial Hair Removal Cream Review

  1. nice,… i think we shud have this in our arsenal for those emergency outing days when you don’t have the time to make a trip to the parlour….

  2. how long can you stay without reapplying or reusing ….for eg…hair removing creams generally are superficial and thus the growth is like back in 2 days time…atleast for me thats the case post VEET cream…..

  3. FG, how much times does it take for you hair regrowth after this cream. I have never heard of this brand. I prefer katori wax but I can imagine if the facial hair is too much, this may be a better option.

  4. nu,i will review boots wali bhi :makeup: :makeup: :makeup:
    have it loove it
    rati do,it takes good 2 weeks to by hair and then you can bleach them when u start seeing them and do a complete removal after 4 weeks :dance: :dance: :dance:
    i use this as it is very must for me to keep my bhalu face clean :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

  5. priya it takes me time 2 weeks atleast id say coz my growth is way too much so it gets slow but dense

    this seems to be the milder mildest forms of veet like creams :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

  6. very nice to listen about such a product….can this be found in Delhi !!
    any hard hair growth etc. problems FG?

  7. nd i can understand what woman with hair on thr face go through ,neither can u blend any foundation adn if added with open pores and acne like mine.u hardly have any section of your preety face to the mirror. 😮 😮 😮 😮
    sighssssssssssssssssss :(( 🙁

  8. Facial hair remover…this is the first I’ve heard of and it sounds great! Any idea where I can find this in Mumbai? I’ve asked for Katori wax in a few salons here but they don’t have it 🙁 So its just threading for me right now.

    1. Ankita me feels threading is besht 🙂 but for other people different things might be nice . wax sey skin gets all weird color :/ and it stretches bad :/ what do you think ?

  9. if u can thread and bear the pain nothing better!
    threading gives me wounds and so does waxing.
    no option at all for me :waaa:

  10. I have heard about this brand before..i cant remember where,but its supposed to be very good na ? I am ready to use a cream every week on my upper lips rather than threading or kotoari wax 😐 😐 😐 😐

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