Tips for Using Hair Rollers

Tips for Using Hair Rollers

Most of us have tried hair rollers at some point intime, in asalon, at home, we bought our own set of rollers and tried everything with a spray, mousse and what not, but did not achieve the desired results..check out some little tips you could incorporate for getting those perfect soft curls with your rollers.

For smooth hair, opt for Velcro rollers , they set good and get less entangled.

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Larger set of rollers will work to give a volume and fullness to your hair, smaller rollers will give curls, so choose accordingly.

For an event that you want to style your hair, wash your hair the day before, set them next day, freshly shampooed hair will not hold the curl as well.

For hair that are too soft, skip conditioner when you want to use rollers.

Opt for a product that says volumising, this will work for hair that are too soft to hold a curl.

For hot hair rollers, wrap your hair tightly around the roller and  allow the rollers to cool completely before removing them.You could keep hot rollers overnight as well.

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When using hair rollers with pin clips place a tissue with the clip and your hair to avoid the dent impression on the hair.

Check the width of the roller, take a hair section smaller that that and never wider, only then you will be achieve the curl.

Remove the bottom roller before the top ones.

For velcro rollers, after you are done setting the, blast hot air on your hair, and then let them set.Remove and then mist lightly with a strong hold spray.

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Once done, don’t be tempted to brush through, this will loosen the curl, for flyaway, you could lightly run your fingers with a serum on.

Always apply rollers on dry hair.Before application, mist hair spray to hold the curl, hairspray before and after is a good idea.

For volume, add the roller under the hair section after taking the hair forward, never pull out the roller, gently drop it.

To remove the roller from the hair, hold roller in one hand while removing the clips with the other.

The tighter you wrap your hair, the better the curl.

Follow simple steps:

  • Divide dry hair into large sections.
  • Roll large Velcro rollers from your tips to your roots.
  • Let your hair air-dry or use your blow-dryer and then unroll your hair.
  • Use your fingers to style your hair into place and finish with a mist of hairspray.

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  1. *thankyou* Neha for dis informative post….it was really useful….following IMBB regularly has add on to my makeup knowledge. *happy dance* *happy dance* ..really u gorg girls are doin quite a social work… *puchhi* *puchhi*

  2. thanks for the post neha, i have tried several times to roll my hair but failure every time.. *headbang* ..#when i place the rollers, hair should be wet, dry or damp?
    what do u mean by “Always apply rollers on dry hair”?? then u mention damp hair….confused!

    1. loreal elnett is good
      mmm buy anything that says strong hold but depends on hair type, fine hair would set well with a decent spray

  3. I love curls and sumhow I haven’t succeeded in getting curls I’ve desired.,,which rollers wld be Gud for long hair Neha? Mine is fine long n straight *specs* .,.lovely tips in here

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