Balea Beauty Body Oil Review

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My love for beauty oils has a big childhood connection. I was using coconut oil for my body till I was 20 and it was only after I started working, I invested in body lotions! I, somehow, love body oils and prefer them over lotions. I recently picked up one from the brand Balea and today’s review is all about Balea Beauty Body Oil. Read on to know more.

Balea Beauty Body Oil Review

Price and Quantity: $4.65 for 150ml
Product Description:
Balea beauty oil is the special care for the daily care of stressed skin. The pleasantly light formulation with selected care oils such as jojoba oil and oil is quickly absorbed and provides valuable moisture – for a soothing care.
Scars: Maintains scars and reduces tension feelings.
Strain strips: Beneficial care, eg in conjunction with a gentle massage.
Dry skin: The intensive care formula provides your skin 24h valuable moisture. It helps with regular application also to keep mature skin in balance.
Skin tightening: With regular application, the skin’s elasticity and tension are supported.
Covered skin: Pampering care complex with selected care oils such as jojoba oil and oil. The formula with Bisabolol, Calendula extract, and chamomile extract maintains the skin intensively and absorbs quickly.

Balea Beauty Body Oil Review Ingredients

My Experience with Balea Beauty Body Oil:

Balea Beauty Body Oil Review Bottle Front

The body oil comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a dark golden-brown pump and a golden cap. The cap closes with a click and there is no chance of leakage. The pump dispenses the liquid effectively and 3-4 pumps are more than enough for the complete body. The pump doesn’t have any locking mechanism.

Balea Beauty Body Oil Review Bottle Back

The oil has a golden yellow color and it reminds me of the old castor oil. The oil has a bit thick consistency than the traditional oils available now. It has a texture like a serum. The smell is sweet and nice. However, the smell lasts only for a few minutes.

Balea Beauty Body Oil Review Open

The product can be applied to dry or moist fresh out of the shower skin. In both the cases, the oil absorbs into the skin pretty fast and I have noticed that it is easier with a little moisture, and lesser oil is needed to achieve moisturization. The body oil, since is an oil, does leave a greasy residue but it takes only a few minutes for this to fade away. The oil makes the skin very soft instantly and feels like velvet. This makes me feel it might contain silicones. It also adds a light bronzed sheen to the legs and makes it a good choice when wearing dresses. The moisturization efficiency of the oil is amazing!

Balea Beauty Body Oil Review Pump

The oil provides intense nourishment that goes for a good 10-12 hours. I have very dry skin and the oil completely masks the dryness and also prevents reappearance. Since the time I have been using the oil, I have less dryness on my skin. I absolutely love the intense nourishment and this is one of the reasons I like oils over lotions.

Balea Beauty Body Oil Review Swatch

The product soothes the skin after a wax or epilation and doesn’t cause any redness or irritation. The product also claims to reduce scars; I have been using this on my knee to check the benefits as I had a surgery 2 years ago and I haven’t noticed much of a difference, so I wouldn’t want to comment on it. I haven’t noticed any changes to my stretch marks either, but I believe it would work like Bio oil when you are pregnant to prevent any occurring. I love the product and it is not very expensive either. I have been using this only for problematic areas to check its benefits. The product doesn’t contain paraben and also can be used by men! So, summing up:

Pros of Balea Beauty Body Oil:

• Travel friendly
• Affordable
• Absorbs quickly
• Provides intense moisturization for more than 10 hours
• Nourishes and adds sheen to the skin
• Makes skin soft and smooth
• Eliminates dryness and reduces reappearance
• Soothes freshly waxed skin
• Doesn’t irritate or cause any redness
• Claims to reduce scars
• Makes skin look healthy
• No Paraben

Cons of Balea Beauty Body Oil:

• No effect on stretch marks
• Leaves a greasy residue which takes some time to absorb

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Balea Beauty Body Oil?
Yes, to both!

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