Balea Chamomile Hand and Nail Balm Review

Skin type: combination, sensitive

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Today’s review is about Balea Chamomile Hand and Nail Balm. Hand cream is a must for me no matter what season of the year it is. I have extremely dry palms and need to moisturize them at least once a day. I try not to wash my hands often to prevent dryness. I have tried and used a ton of hand creams and here is one of them.
Balea Chamomile Hand and Nail Balm Review

Product Description:
Balea Hand and Nail Balm with chamomile extract donates his hands soothing moisture. Dry skin calms down and feels soft and supple again. The moisturizing panthenol regenerates the skin and has a smoothing effect. The active formula gives the nails also elasticity.

€1 for 125ml/approximately 70 INR for 125ml

My Experience with Balea Chamomile Hand and Nail Balm:


This hand cream comes in a tube which is green and white in color. There is also a picture of chamomile flower which is very appealing. The plastic tube is soft. It is easy to squeeze the product out of the tube. The flap lid is easy to close and open. It doesn’t damage the finger nails like many others do.


The consistency of the product is creamy, little bit on the thicker side. The cream is white in color and smells of chamomile. The fragrance is not overpowering and not very strong. I use a groundnut size of cream for my hands. I never use more than that since the hand cream takes a lot of time to get absorbed. The more you apply, the longer it takes. The cream also leaves an oily film and the hands feel slippery -this is one reason for me to not use it at work.


I normally use it when I am in the passenger seat of the car. The cream is very mild and doesn’t cause any kind of irritation. The hands feel soft and smooth after regular use. It works for even very dry skin like mine. Overall, the product is good but with few drawbacks. If only the product got absorbed quicker it would have been the best hand cream ever.


Pros of Balea Chamomile Hand and Nail Balm:

• Handy packaging
• Lightly perfumed
• Results in soft and smooth hands
• Not expensive
• Suitable for

Cons of Balea Chamomile Hand and Nail Balm:

• Takes time to get absorbed
• Feels oily
• Results in slippery hands
• Availability in India

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Balea Chamomile Hand and Nail Balm?
I don’t know how but we have 3 to 4 tubes of this hand cream at home. I need to use them up first.

Would I Recommend Balea Chamomile Hand and Nail Balm?
If you don’t mind greasy hands for few minutes then go for it. If you are planning to use a mobile phone or computer immediately after application then I would not recommend it.

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