Banjara’s Bhringraj Powder Review

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Today, I am going to write about Banjara’s Bhringraj powder. Herbal products are always safer to apply as they do not harm. I usually go for herbal hair packs as it is difficult to get fresh fruits or leaves directly for my usage. This hair pack is one of those kind of products and aims particularly at hair fall control.

Banjara's Bhringraj Powder (3)

Banjara's Bhringraj Powder (2)

The English name of bhringraj is false daisy and scientific name is ecliptaalba. Bhringraj leaves are highly beneficial in controlling hair loss and premature greying. When I was a kid, my mom used to boil its leaves in coconut oil and make it into a bhringraj oil. 😀 Well, it would smell bad but it was no doubt good for hair. It is said to be highly useful for hair fall control and helps in hair growth as well.

Product claims:
It is helpful for preventing hair loss, premature greying and skin allergies. It provides shine and is a natural cure for balding and thinning of hair.

Banjara's Bhringraj Powder (5)

Rs.55 for 100 g

Shell life:
3 years

Maka-Eclipta Alba (scientific name of Bhringraj)

My experiences with Banjara’s Bhringraj Powder:

Banjara’s bhringraj powder is dark brown in colour and has a pungent smell. It is best to soak it overnight in plain water or cooled green tea. In the morning, other ingredients may be added as per preference.I add amla and neem powder usually. Sometimes, I also add honey to make a paste.

Banjara's Bhringraj Powder (4)

But this is one messy powder I tell you! Its flakes were all around while I was applying it as well as when I was washing it. I had a tough time cleaning my room later as it fell down in small lumps all over the place. I have never seen this happening with any other hair packs. I don’t even find henna this messy! It is best to spread newspaper all around the place and then apply it when you do.

I leave the pack for 1 hour on my hair and then wash it with my regular shampoo. There was hardly any hair fall after the wash. But the hair do become frizzy after applying this pack, so conditioner and/or serum is a must post using this pack.

This single pack of this box would give upto 5 applications for medium length hair as I add other hair pack powders as well. Otherwise, it can be used thrice at th max. Overall, this is a decent pack and would be beneficial for hair fall control but the amount of mess it creates is a little too much for me.

Banjara's Bhringraj Powder (1)

Pros of Banjara’s Bhringraj Powder:

  • Inexpensive
  • A herbal hair pack
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Easily available

Cons of Banjara’s Bhringraj Powder:

  • Some people might find the entire process messy.
  • Small lumps from the hair pack fall all around while applying and washing.
  • Makes hair frizzy

IMBB Rating:

Will I repurchase Banjara’s Bhringraj Powder?
Not sure. I would try other hair pack powders and then come back to this if the other options are not good enough.

Do I recommend Banjara’s Bhringraj Powder?
Yes, if you are suffering from severe hair fall and are ready to face the mess, give it a try.

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4 thoughts on “Banjara’s Bhringraj Powder Review

  1. Nice post Bhav…Bhringraj is known for its awesome properties. I have used bhringraj oil earlier, but never the pack.. Will give it a try soon 🙂

    1. I have not tried adding this to henna because I use patanjali mehndi and it already has hell lot of things added…
      you can definitely add it to the mehndi though. Soak both the things overnight.

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