Banjara’s Methi Powder – Review

Banjara’s Methi Powder – Review

Having read innumerous benefits of fenugreek seeds for health and hair, I decided to use it in my hair care regime since I have been experiencing hair fall off late. I ordered Banjara’s Methi powder and shall be reviewing the same today. I also wanted to try their hibiscus powder but couldn’t lay my hands on that , anyways let us move on to the review.

Banjara's methi powder

Product Claims:

Methi powder is known to be very beneficial for hair. It prevents hair loss, preserves its natural colour, delays greying of hair and makes it silky soft. Regular use of methi powder on hair improves the hair condition to a great extent.

How to use:
banjara methi powder
Mix methi powder with water to make a smooth paste, apply it to hair from roots and let it remain on hair for about one hour. Wash with cold or lukewarm water. Use twice a week for long, shiny hair.

Shelf Life:


Price/ Quantity:
banjara's methi powder 1
INR 45 for 100gms

My take on Banjara’s Methi Powder:

It is a finely milled light beige/ cream colored powder. It comes in a sachet which is packed in the outer cardboard box. Once opened it is advisable to pour contents into an airtight container( personal advise to avoid product spillage) as the sachet will last you 2 weeks( if used twice a week) for a little more than shoulder length hair. Since the powder is very finely grounded it is a bit difficult to dissolve in water. I tried mixing both with a spoon but ultimately had to use my hands as there were a lot of lumps. The paste formed smelled highly of Fenugreek seeds, there was no artificial smell.I applied it opening the sections of my hair and from roots to tip of the hair. It took around one hour for the paste to completely dry off. Washing it was a bit difficult but not as bad as washing the banana hair pack. I had to rinse thrice for the paste to be completely gone from my hair. The hair post wash felt shiny but at the same time I noticed dryness in my already dry hair. It is advisable to apply hair oil after drying the hair and washing off next day with a mild shampoo. I have been using this paste from the last 2 weeks and I can already see a significant reduction in hair fall. Also my hair feels soft and shiny.

banjara's methi powder 2

Pros of Banjara’s Methi Powder:

1. Has reduced hair fall. True to its claims.
2. Reasonably priced.
3. Makes hair shiny.
4. Washed off easily as compared to other hair packs.
5. Good conditioning of the hair.

Cons of Banjara’s Methi Powder:

1. Availability might be an issue, I could not find it in my city , had to order online.
2. Finely milled powder so forming a paste would need some patience.
3. Makes hair dry but oiling should be able to take care of that.
4. Packaging could be improved as in it is difficult to travel with an open half used sachet.

Will I repurchase/ recommend Banjara’s Methi Powder?

Yes for both.

IMBB Rating:

4.25/ 5

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  1. Maybe adding coconut oil to the mix and then applying should help curb the dryness. Btw, have always been meaning to tell you this.. I can almost always make out its your post when I see your beautiful fingers and well done nails! 🙂

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