Beauties Factory 120 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

Hi everyone.

I had to tell you all about my purchase from ebay. It’s Beauties Factory 120 Colors Eyeshadow Palette.

I know! 120 colors. I love eyeshadows. I had been searching on net and found this palette. I read reviews about this one, since I was little apprehensive about buying one of the net without even trying them on and I found all good stuff about the product. So I couldn’t resist and bought it. If you love experimenting with colors, then you should definitely buy this.

BF Palette

I ordered mine from ‘’ seller on ebay. I received mine few days back. It took around 13 days to reach. Despite being wrapped in layers and layers of Bubble wrap, 3 colors were broken. I have marked the 3 broken colors in the image. I took them out and put those colors in empty jars. I am not so bothered with it. Most of the people who have bought this palette had 1 or 2 shades broken and since it came from China, I did expect some kind of breakage.

Beauties Factory Palette

Price: The palette cost me around Rs. 1000. The shipping was free. It is insanely cheap.
I also received a set of 5 super cute travel makeup brushes and some pretty floral nail stickers. The brush set has blush brush, 2 eye shader brushes( 1 is a little pointed), lash and brow comb and sponge tip applicator. They are Made of artificial fibres. The brushes are very soft and good quality.

The brushes
The brushes

Each eyeshadow is around 2cm in diameter. They are small but I think they should last me a long time. The colors aret are highly pigmented. The colors blend quite well as well on skin and amongst each other. There is a little fall off, but that’s not enough for me to not like them. The colors are a mixture of matte and shimmers. Alot of colors have a matte and a shimmer version.

Beauties Factory eyeshadow swatches
Beauties Factory eyeshadow swatches
Beauties Factory eyeshadow swatches
Beauties Factory eyeshadow swatches

These swatches are just single swipes.

Beauties Factory eyeshadow swatches
Beauties Factory eyeshadow swatches

A Closer look

Beauties Factory eyeshadow swatches
Beauties Factory eyeshadow swatches

Got the image of the ebay sellers page

The palette has soooo many colors. All the rainbow colors plus the neutrals and black and white. I don’t think I am going to use all the colors as of yet, but this will surely make me experiment different looks.

The case is black and shiny, which is easy to clean. There are two palette trays in the inside that stack on top of each other with 60 eyeshadows in each. The quality of the case is not very good. It’s a little on the lighter side of plastic. I am scared of my eyeshadows getting destroyed while travelling.

I was mainly worried about the quality of the eyeshadows. But they are not known to cause any irritation (from the reviews). The next day after receiving it, I hurt my eye and could not use eyeshadows. I was soo desperate to put these on. Now I finally did try them on. Yaieee!!
One color stayed on my eyes for good 6 hrs before fading a little, but without a base the color only stayed 3 hrs before it started fading. Overall, I am not worried about last lasting issue.

I am not saying the quality is as good as major brands but they are atleast as good as the regular drugstore brands.

It’s a lovely palette, worth the money. I would totally recommend to everyone.

The seller also has a website where you can see more of their stuff.
Go Wild!!


40 thoughts on “Beauties Factory 120 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

  1. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: My eyes poppin out lookin at all the pretty colors :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized:
    And just 1000 bucks :yes: :yes: :yes: 😀 😀

  2. ..I just checked out their site..they have amazing stuff at amazing prices and negligible shipping…but waaa… 😥 😥 😥 😥 they arent accepting debit cards..they can only be paid thru paypal accounts..can I have a paypal account wid my debit card? 😥 😥 ?:-) ?:-)

    1. No Anuradha…I don’t think so . I was wondering about the same thing so did a lot of research. You can use a CC or directly verify it with your bank account number. It draws money from your account directly I think. You can’t use a debit card in india for PAYPAL. Another way is to create a Virtual credit Card but its only posssible with HDFC/ICICI debit cards and seemed really cumbersome to me. Good Luck!

  3. a gr8 purchase jas.. 120 eyeshadows for 1000/- is awesum :yes: :yes: .. njoy it n do pretty pretty eye makeup using it.. 😉 :-))

    1. Hey Bulbul, You can login to ebay and look for seller. Just pick the one you want and buy it. This is where I ordered it from.
      But otherwise I have put up their website in the article above.. :-)) Have fun

      1. thanks.u said shipping was free. i visited their site as well as their ebay shop,they charges huge shipping cost. 😕 😕 😕

  4. Hey Jas..this sounds like an awesome deal to gave enough info about this me excited 😀 so I googled more about it..disappointed after reading some comments on youtube…they say it’s animal tested..Is it ? please say no 🙁

    1. I like the brushes. The blush brush is very soft. I saw these brushes in NewU store in Delhi mall too.. I dont remember the exact price but they were definately being sold for a major amount.

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