Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette Review

Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette Review

Hi Everyone,

I am going to review an eyeshadow palette that I simply picked up on a whim from Boots. It is the Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette containing 8 eye shadows and an eye brightening cream. Let’s see how it fared for me:

Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette Review


It was on sale and I think I paid 2 or 3 GBP for it.

Product Description:

Smokey Eyes Eye Palette contains 8 complementary dark, medium and light shades and an eye-brightening cream to give the look that extra hint of glamour. This palette even includes easy-to-follow instructions to help you acheive the perfect Smokey Eye.

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Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette


What really caught my eye about this was the packaging. It comes in a beautiful flap like small thin case with a magnetic clasp to close it. The size is very travel-friendly and looks like a sleek cigarette case. It has some strategic cut outs in the front and the rest you can see for yourself.

Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette

There is also a “How To” guide at the back with instructions for creating the smoky look.

Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette


I found out from the website that there are 3 different shades in this range: Smokey Eyes, Poptastic, and Angelic.

There are 8 shades and there is an eye brightening pinkish cream at the bottom right. The shades are divided into 3 categories – Light, Medium, and Dark.

Light: 1) Matte White & 2) Matte Pink
Medium: 3) Shimmery Silver, 4) Champagne, 5) Light Grey Shimmer
Dark: 6) Matte Black, 7) Matte Light Brown, 8) Shimmery Dark Brown

Here they are:

Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette

Swatches of the shades:

Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette


Coming to the texture – these eyeshadows are moderately pigmented and you always have to wear them over a very good primer. I do not find them great in texture as even with a good primer they tend to crease within an hour or two and it’s very difficult to pick up enough color on my eyeshadow brush to place on the lids. Even after digging my eyeshadow brush into these, the color payoff is very bad and sheer.

The shimmery shades are a tad better in terms of color payoff over the matte ones. The light shades in white and pink are totally worthless.

Staying Power:

Really bad! It starts creasing within a couple of hours even with a primer and then completely fades to nothingness or looks very muddy and dirty on the lids.

Pros of Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette:

  • 8 shades in a palette to create a smokey eye.
  • Definitely the price!
  • The color selection would have been very decent had they been more pigmented.
  • Cute and sleek travel- friendly classy case.
  • The brightening cream does a good job of brightening the inner corners.

Cons of Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette:

ZOMG! Where do I even start?

  • Bad bad color payoff and uneven texture. I had a hell of a time swatching them!
  • Horrible staying power.
  • Creases easily and makes eyes look dirty and messy after a while.
  • The applicator brush that comes with it is useless.
  • The matte white and pink shades are just sitting there to warm their bottoms – they have no use unless you are playing “Snow White” in some play.

IMBB Rating:


Overall Verdict:

Please stay away from this even if they are paying you to buy it – enough said! Waste of time and energy – any suggestions on alternative uses for this are welcome.

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    1. I also picked it up because of the unique packaging – but yes stay away from it, no wonder they put it on sale at such a cheap price!

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