Beauty Formulas Macadamia Oil Intensive Hair Treatment Review

Hair type: Wavy, colored, normal, waist-length
Today I’ll be reviewing this awesome product that I came across. So let’s hear about it.
Beauty Formulas Macadamia Oil Intensive Hair Treatment

Price: 199 INR for 18g


My Experience with Beauty Formulas Macadamia Oil Intensive Hair Treatment:

The hair treatment has two steps, the mask and the serum. There is a separate pouch for each of them. I disliked the packaging because I have to staple it to store it for the next time. The details like the ingredients and the directions are given on the reverse side of the pouch. The quantity will last for about 3 uses for my medium-long hair if I don’t use it generously.

The mask has a pleasant smell and is yellow in color. The consistency is like that of a conditioner and spreads with ease on hair. It needs to be rinsed after 5 minutes. This is the first step of the treatment. The good part is that it is infused with macadamia oil. But there are parabens in the ingredient list that caught my eye.

The serum is the second step. It is white in color and translucent. The moment it touches my skin it melts away. I can actually sense the presence of oils. The consistency is fine, but I thought it would make my hair oily. It didn’t! The serum too, spreads easily and I needed only a small amount of it on my thick hair. I towel-dried my hair and later a bit of blow dry to set it in.

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The results were actually awesome. My hair was extremely soft and smooth. Not to mention it was bouncy too. It also gave shine to my hair. In other words, it made my hair healthy. But I must say that the effects were short-lived. My scalp went back to oily after 2 days and my hair lost its shape. Sometimes my hair behaves like having a mind of its own. Nevertheless, it is good to have at least two good hair days.

Pros of Beauty Formulas Macadamia Oil Intensive Hair Treatment:

• Nourishing treatment.
• Makes hair healthy.
• Gives the hair a good bounce and shine.
• Makes hair soft and smooth.
• Will last for 3 uses if generosity is at bay.
• Affordable.

Cons of Beauty Formulas Macadamia Oil Intensive Hair Treatment:

• Pouch is difficult to store.
• Parabens.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Beauty Formulas Macadamia Oil Intensive Hair Treatment?
Yes to both.

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