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Who doesn’t love that gorgeous glow and a boost of radiance on their skin? We all do. While there are some tried and tested ways in which you can achieve this luminous glow—such as eating a clean and healthy diet, regular physical exercises, drinking plenty of fluids, following a suitable skincare routine, etc.—there are some beauty products that you could invest in to give your skin that magical glow. It really doesn’t take much to nail that radiant, “lit-from-within” look. Let’s take a look at some of the beauty products that help you get glowing and naturally radiant skin.

Beauty products instant glow

1. An illuminating primer: The very basis for the right makeup look is a good primer. As they say, it’s a crime not to prime. So, if you want your skin to have that gorgeous and natural glow to it, then you should begin by applying a lightweight and illuminating primer. Many brands will offer you this product to suit a variety of budgets.

2.  A light-reflecting moisturiser: Instead of using a regular moisturizer, you could infuse that boost of radiance into your skin by opting for a light reflecting moisturizer. The subtle particles in this moisturizer will make your skin seem like it is glowing from within. This can also be used for a hint of glow on the days when you don’t want to wear makeup.

3.  A foundation with a dewy finish: Skip those long-lasting matte foundations. Opt for foundation formulas that offer a dewy finish. This will really help your skin glow. For an extra boost of radiance, mix in with your foundation a couple of drops of your favourite facial oil. This will make a huge difference and your skin will glow like never before.


4. A shimmer-based bronzer: A good bronzer can really help you add that lovely sun-kissed glow to the skin. Opt for a bronzer that has shimmer in it, instead of picking up a matte bronzer. For the glow to seem natural, make sure that the powder is finely milled and the shimmer is very subtle. You could also opt for a liquid bronzer or a stick/cream bronzer for a more natural finish.

5.  A light-reflecting setting powder: Always make sure to set your makeup with a finely milled light reflecting or light diffusing setting powder. It will also help if the powder is translucent and does not add much coverage to your makeup. These powders look very natural and add that undetectable glow to your skin.

6.  A baked blush: Believe it or not, a baked mineral blush adds a beautiful sheen to your skin along with the pop of colour. So, instead of opting for a matte or overly shimmer-based blush, go for a baked mineral blush for that gorgeous glow.

NYX Baked bronzer

7.  A golden hued highlighter: Finally, we arrive upon the star of the list—a highlighter. We all know the magic that a highlighter can work upon the skin. There is much to choose from, in terms of brands and formulas. You could pick a cream, liquid or powder highlighter, based on your preference. If you’re picking up a powder formula, always go for a very finely milled product. Always prefer to opt for a golden hued highlighter instead of a pink toned one. These golden tones look very flattering on the skin and can help you achieve that bright and natural radiance quite effortlessly.

Golden highlighter

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