Most Popular Herbs Used In Beauty Products

Most Popular Herbs Used In Beauty Products

Since Ancient times, many Herbs have been used to enhance beauty and to cure ailments.  India is very popular all over the world for inculcating herbs in various traditional beauty treatments.  It is interesting to know that Ancient women majorly depended on herbs to beautify their skin and hair.  Thankfully, in our times, we have a whole lot of products easily available for our beauty concerns.


The market is flooded these days with beauty products which contain herbal extracts ; right from  cleansers, creams , shampoos , conditioners to lipsticks, foundations, eye creams , serums, etc.  Big brands these days are adding a dash of “herbs” to their products to attract/lure consumers.  People often prefer products which claim to have “herbs” or “herbal extracts” or “natural ingredients” over the ones with strict chemical compositions, considering the former are supposed to be safe and harmless for the skin.  Herbal , natural products seem  to have an “Aesthetic Value” about them.  I am sharing in my article toady, a list of all time popular herbs which are extensively used in beauty products.


Turmeric holds a special value in Indian households, be it religious traditions or to cure ailments.  Turmeric has antiseptic properties and is believed to improve skin tone and brighten up the skin. No wonders it is used on young brides to be because of its beauty benefits. Remember the good old Vicco Turmeric cosmetic cream??

Tea tree


Tea tree is an extremely well known , widely used and powerful herb used in making products especially for oily;acne prone skin. Tea tree oil has anti bacterial  and anti fungal properties which can do wonders for problematic skin.


Sandalwood is another popular herb added in beauty products and toiletries for its soothing aroma and skin calming properties. Sandalwood is known to reduce blemishes and to reduce inflammations. It also has a cooling effect on the skin and improves skin tone and texture. I am big fan of mysore sandalwood based soaps for bathing.



Lavender is  one of the finest herbs used in beauty products especially  in perfumes for its mild, soothing aroma.  Lavender has anti-inflammatory , healing properties and is considered ideal for all skin types due to its soothing benefits on the skin.


Rosemary is greatly used in hair care products like oils and shampoos since it is known to stimulate hair follicles, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Rosemary is considered great for dry skin and can help in toning the skin well.

Aloe vera


Aloe Vera needs no introduction because of its multiple uses and benefits for skin and hair. It is common to find a pot of aloe vera plant in a lot of households due it healing and curative properties. Aloe Vera gel  is even great for moisturizing and soothing problematic acne prone skin type.


Rose is another herb which is used widely in skincare products and perfumes.  It is believed to improve skin tone , bring about a glow in the skin, with regular usage and its aroma has a wonderful impact on the senses.


Neem is extremely effective in healing acne and breakouts because of its anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties.   It is effective in curing skin infection,rashes & pimples and acts as a Blood purifier for beautiful & healthy skin.  I can personally vouch for benefits of neem , as I was able to control my acne around 2-3 years back, by only using a paste of neem leaves on my skin.

So this was my little research and knowledge on herbs used in beauty products, this list is however not exhaustive, I am sure there a lot of other herbs not listed here which are great for skin and hair, so please feel free to comment and mention about them.

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