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Nidhi Asks

I am a mother with a 5 month old baby (which obviously involves spending a lot of time with the baby)
What are the beauty regimens(quick and easy) that I follow to improve my skin clarity ( I am regular with the CTM thing)

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  1. hi,
    first of all, congrats.May god bless ur child.
    I have seen my sister getting stressed out while taking care of niece.
    so, i would suggest stop stressing, eat healthy and drink water.Relax urself.U could take a steam (put ur favourate oil).
    your diet should include Vitamin K as it helps in getting rid of dark circles(cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, spinach,cabbage,tomato and string beans)
    massage ur skin with cocoa butter to get rid of stretch marks.
    avoid harsh chemicals.
    with the baby around you ll spend most of ur time running around(so basically exercise is taken care of), opt for a low maintenance haircut.

  2. I am not the best person to talk about this but I suggest that you do take an advice from the dermatologist once since there must be a lot of hormonal changes also taking place in your body. The only suggestion I can probably give is that you keep your skin hydrated as much as you can by moisturising, using sunscreen, drinking lots of water etc. This will help you prevent stretch marks. Cooca butter is said to reduce stretch marks. you can look for products that includes cocoa butter- palmer’s cocoa butter is one. If you can find Bio Oil, that is also one of the things a lot of women swear about.

  3. congrats ! well ctm is more than enough if u do on the regular basis also add night cream and under eye cream coz skins looks dull after pregnancy ! here are my products:

    cleanser : kama soap free cleanser or himalya neem face wash or aromamagic grapefruit facewash

    toner: rosewater with few drops of glycerine and add vitamin e capsule .

    moisture : nutregena oil free moisturizer or alphamoist by lotus herbal (if dry skin use aromamoagic almond lotion)

    night cream : lakme or aromamagic night cream (two days a week u can use rogan shrein badam tel for face massage followed by steam )

    under eye cream : aromamagic or use rogan shiren badam oil (it suits me)

    scrub : lotus apiscrub (in case u need deep exfoliation or aromamagic mineralscrub (in case of mild exfoilation once or twice a week)

    face pack : ayur has good packs u may pick any of them according to ur skin need or lotusherbal claywhite or himalya fruit pack are good option use once a week when ur baby is sleeping

    hair care : after pregnancy hair falls are big issue do maasage ur hair with olive oil or coconut oil 2 times a week followed by mild shampoo dont use harsh shampoo

    lips: lotus lip therapy balm or nivea lip care are good option

    drink 6-8 glasses of water include fresh veggies and fuits like spinach carrot cauliflower tomatoes apples, lemon and honey juice grapefruit juice

    i think they will help……

    for makeup use minimum makeup : neutregena sunblock with spf 50 ponds tinted moisturizer lakme rose powder (if needed extra coverage ) maybelline or colorbar eyepencil maybelline clossal volumnous mascara, pink or peach blush with pink or peach lipstick will do wonders

    before i forget may god bless u and ur child ! :rose: :rose: :rose:

  4. Nidhi….congratulations!!!!

    And ya like Rati said please check with your doctor, cause of hormonal changes. Also a few ingredients in skin care products tend to be absorbed into the blood stream so please be cautious in what you apply till you are still feeding your baby.

  5. Hello Nidhi, i went through with the same.My advice is to take multivitamine which you were taking during your prenancy as you can not eat some things when you fee your baby.
    Don’t apply any acne cream if you are prone to as most of the creams go to lood which is not good for your baby. Just wash your face 2-3 time/day..drink lots of water.I used coca butter (The body shop) during my pregnancy and after stress marks at all. :yahoo:

    1. Wow! I’m now pregnant with my first baby and i’m now at 8weeks.. i’m wondering if i should start massaging my tummy lightly with cocoa butter or something to keep stretch marks at bay? Nidhi- what do you recommend? Also do you do it once a day after a bath or at night?

      1. Hey purplespirit, i know the question was posed at nidhi.. but thought i’d answer anyway.. i’m 6.5 months pregnant (my first one too) and have been religiously using palmer’s cocoa butter massage cream for stretch marks.. its really great and i really wish i’d started using it right at the beginning of my pregnancy (i live in kuwait and spent a month or so trying to track it down! lol as my local boots seemed to be eternally out of stock of the cream! eventually found it in carrefour. duh! why didnt i think of that in the first place! lol).. i dont think there’s anyway to really prevent stretch marks 100%, but the cream really does help. its non sticky and absorbs really well. (the cream is thicker than the lotion.. so i feel that is better) i use it twice a day. it helps with the itching too (which you’ll get later on)

        1. Wow! Thanks so much Layla.. will hunt for this one then! Btw its so exciting to have other women pregnant at the same time! Makes it so much more fun to exchange notes with! Thats why i’ve been rallying around with all my friends to get preggie,., hehe! 😉

  6. hi Nidhi,

    we are sailing in the same boat!! my baby is 4 months old… most of the advice on this page is good… the only thing i’d like to add is avoid any new products till you breast feed the baby… pls stick to your regular skin care products…. any allergy at this time can be a disaster for the baby….

    happy mothering and love to your little one!

  7. hi Moms,

    I am the mother of a 1 and 1/2 year old boy.
    During pregnancy, my skin had become quite dark and patchy.
    I used besan mixed with curd as only face pack cum body cleanser during and post pregnancy. Also tomato juice mixed with honey. I think those helped me fairly.
    But time is the best healer, it does take off what it gives :)) with time all issues with skin does reduce.

  8. Hey everyone,
    M so sorry to reply so late but my lil Prince (I call him KAANHA) and 2 weddings within the family too away much of my time and so m logging in today to see so many replies to my question..Thanks a tonn to everyone who replied.
    @the purplespirit: Well I have been using Biotique Coco butterduring my pregnancy time and post pregnancy Cocoa butter from TBS and Thankfully I have hardly 1 or 2 stretch marks (visible only to a close eye; this happened because during pregnancy the cream on the top of my Navel used to disappear due to the elastic of lowers )
    And last but not the least I feel I should Thank all of you personally..
    So here I go. . .
    Thanks: Puneeta, Shanaiia, Scooby-doo, ‘RATI’ :), Ashna, Mitra20, Nidhi, Layla, Anks and Tanmyee.
    BTW : M ready with my article of shopping haul (for the 2 weddings), hope to send it to Rati ASAP and hope it gets published.


  9. I have 2 and 8 mtnhs old son. After my delivery i hv gt pigmentation and patches of dark circles on my cheeks. I sw dermatologist also fr the same and he prescribed me some medicines too. I took thm fr 10 mnths continously and they faded too but keep coming if i stop medicine…. :reallypissed: ….wt 2 do… how to kill thm :phoolan: cud any of you prescibe something

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