Johnson’s Baby Shampoo Review

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo Review

Johnson's Baby Shampoo Review

Already having reviewed so many Johnson’s Baby products [Courtesy – Neya ;)] like the baby cream, baby lotion, baby oil and baby soap, I thought the shampoo and powder are pending :P. So here is the review for all you girls with baby skin and all new mom’s . 🙂

Without any need to say that I got the shampoo as a gift for Neya; trust me, Neya is 9 months old now and so far I haven’t got any bath products for her as like any other baby, she got a big pile of Johnson’s baby care sets as gifts, and I am yet to finish them. Having a expiry period of 2 years doesn’t make me worry about it now 😀 So let me review the shampoo now.


The shampoo comes in a transparent bottle with an yellow lid. The shampoo itself is in light yellow color. It actually looks like some medicine in a transparent bottle, but since we all got used to the shampoo so much that we don’t mind the color or the way it reminds us of a medicine/syrup. I would say this is the mildest shampoo I have tried so far and thus best suited for babies.

For Us:

Due to the huge availability at home, at times, even I use the shampoo for myself. When my hair is well maintained and whenever I use the baby shampoo, I just need not worry about anything. It does decent cleansing and never leaves my hair dry after the wash. At times, during those lazy days, when I ignore my hair completely, this shampoo does not help me anymore. I need a stronger one to get off all the oiliness in my scalp [I have an oily scalp] or I will have to wash my hair more than once with the baby shampoo. So, now you would know how mild the shampoo is.


For Baby:

From Day 1, I have been using only this shampoo for Neya. She is very comfortable with this. Though they claim ‘no more tears’, it does sting the eyes and Neya goes crazy yelling at me for letting the shampoo go into her eyes . This cleanses her hair and scalp and leaves her hair silky smooth. The smell is not very strong. Though it is obvious when being used, after which the smell doesn’t stay longer. Even if it does, it is very mild that it can be ignored.


The shampoo is priced at Rs.43 for 60ml.


• Easily available.
• Available in various sizes based on our needs.
• Does not leave any strong fragrance.
• Cleanses the hair and scalp perfectly.
• Very mild.
• Leaves the hair silky smooth.
• Best cleanser for my makeup brushes.
• Lathers well.


• The color of the shampoo and the packaging is not very attractive. Being a kid’s product, it could have been more colourful.
• It does sting the eyes, so the “no more tears” claim is not true.
• If you have an oily scalp like mine, then this shampoo is not for you.

My Rating:


Will I Repurchase:

Yes, only for Neya.

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20 thoughts on “Johnson’s Baby Shampoo Review

  1. woww nice review ! however mild a shampoo may be, it will make the baies cry, they are so soft, tender and sensitive na ! I use this shampoo to remove my make up alongwith the johnoson ooil 😀 :thumbsup:

  2. I used to remove eye make-up with this. During a recurring eye infection, doc asked me to use it with warm water to clean eyes. With just one swipe, eyes are squeaky clean. Somehow, whenever i use oil to clean eyes, it makes them heavy so its a good alternative.

  3. I never used this shampoo… Today only my friend was telling me about her experience after using it 😀 😀 I want to try it too :toothygrin:

    Nice review!! :waytogo:

  4. Yea, its a good shampoo and i too use it when i want a mild shampoo.. But for babies??? :sick: .. It has sles, and preservatives and alchohol… So i dont think its good for babies , Although i dont have one( i am single O:) ) i knew tis becoz for my cousin (he is 3 yrs old nw) doctor told us not to use gohnson’s baby shampoo and also baby soap..

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