10 Benefits of Grapefruit for Skin and Health

Grapefruit is known as the paradise fruit or miracle fruit for overall health benefits. It has nutritious value and many healthy benefits. You can incorporate grapefruit in your regular diet to reap its benefits. Eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice provides your body with nutrients essential for maintaining overall good health. Do read on to know the benefits of grapefruit in more detail.

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Top Benefits of Grapefruit for Skin and Health

1. Maintain Healthy Skin:

Grapefruit contains a good amount of Vitamin A and C. It is rich in minerals, antioxidants and has high water content. It keeps your skin’s outer layer hydrated. Vitamin C and antioxidants protect the skin from environmental hazards. Stimulates production of skin collagen which makes skin smooth, plump and increases elasticity.

2. Maintain Healthy Hair:

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Grapefruit is a good source of Vitamin C. It has strong antioxidant properties that helps to enhance the immunity system and strengthen the connective tissues within hair follicles. This protects the integrity of your hair follicles which promotes hair growth. Antioxidants present in grapefruit helps to fight free radicals in your body and prevents them from causing damage to your cells including hair follicles.

3. Keeps Body Hydrated:

Grapefruit has a lot of water content, which makes it hydrating in nature. Drinking lots of water is the best way to keep your body hydrated, however eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice keeps your body hydrated.

4. Aids Weight Loss:

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Grapefruit is well known for aiding weight loss. It is high in fiber and water content which helps to promote fullness and reduces calorie intake. Good to snack on or having grape fruit juice in between meals or prior to meals is healthy. It is low in calories, but high in nutrients. Eating grapefruit before meals aids weight loss.

5. Benefits Immune System:

Eating grapefruit regularly is claimed to be beneficial for your immune system. It has high content of vitamin C and antioxidants, which protects your cells from harmful bacteria and viruses. Grapefruit is known to help recover from common cold. Many other vitamins and minerals found in grapefruit are known to benefit immunity, including vitamin A. It helps to protect against inflammation and several infectious diseases. Grapefruit has small amounts of B vitamins, zinc, copper and iron, which all work together in the body to promote immune system function. They also help maintain the integrity of your skin, which acts as a protective barrier to infection.

6. Prevent Insulin Resistance and Diabetes:


Eating grapefruit regularly is said to prevent insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone which regulates many processes in your body that are involved in many aspects of your metabolism. Most commonly known for its role in controlling blood sugar. Insulin resistance occurs when your cells stop responding to insulin, which leads to higher insulin and blood sugar levels. This causes diabetes. Eating grapefruit helps control insulin levels, which prevents insulin resistance and diabetes.

7. Improve Heart Health:

Consuming grapefruit regularly is said to improve heart health by reducing risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. Grapefruit is fairly high in potassium and minerals responsible for many aspects of heart health. Potassium is associated with a reduced risk of high blood pressure. Secondly, fiber content in grapefruit boost heart health. High fiber intake is associated with lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It contains important nutrients, which play a role in keeping your heart functioning properly. Grapefruit helps lower triglyceride levels which is an another reason that grapefruit can be good for your heart. Triglycerides are another type of fat, like LDL or bad cholesterol, which can clog arteries. Red grapefruit, in particular helps in lowering triglycerides and bad cholesterol.

8. Prevent Chronic Conditions and Diseases:

Woman with pain in chest, angina

Grapefruit contains various antioxidants, that provide various health benefits including protecting from several chronic diseases. Antioxidants protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can cause harmful reactions in your body. Grapefruit has high contents of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. It is said to protect cells from damage that often leads to heart disease and cancer. Beta-carotene present in grapefruit which gets converted into vitamin A in the body is said to help reduce the risk of some chronic conditions, including heart disease, cancer and eye related disorders like macular degeneration. Lycopene present in grapefruit is known for its potential ability to prevent the development of certain types of cancer, especially prostate cancer. It also aids in decreasing the side effects of common cancer treatments. Flavonoids present in grapefruit has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart diseases.

9. Aids Wound Healing:

Grapefruit has vitamin C which aids in healing wounds by forming scar tissue and new blood vessels.

10. Reduces Risk of Kidney Stones:

Consuming grapefruit helps reduce risk of developing kidney stones. Buildup of waste materials in the kidneys are products of metabolism that are normally filtered through the kidneys and removed from the body in urine. When this waste crystallizes in the kidneys, they become stones. Larger kidney stones may cause a blockage in the urinary system, which can be incredibly painful. Most common type of kidney stone is calcium oxalate stones. Grapefruit has citric acid, which is an organic acid. It binds with calcium in the kidneys and flushes it out of the body. Citric acid also has the ability to increase the volume and pH of urine, producing an environment that is less favorable to the formation of kidney stones.

Hope the above information is of good use to you and you can use the benefits of grapefruit for your health and skin regime. Thanks for reading!

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