Benetton Pure Sport EDT By United Colors Of Benetton Review

Benetton Pure Sport EDT By United Colors Of Benetton Review

Hello Beauties,

It has been so many days since I have not written a review. Actually, it is just 3 days, but I am so addicted to IMBB that I feel it has been a long time. So, telling you guys about the product, I just bought it randomly for my mom when I had been to a local drugstore. Me and my mom have a habit of puffing perfumes every day.  I have normally heard that EDT’s stay longer than body mists, so gave it a try. Obviously, I like pink, so I spotted the bottle and sniffed it once and picked it up. So, coming to the review:



Rs. 625 (it differs actually in different stores between 600-700 bucks).

Product Description:

Benetton Pure Sport Women by Benetton is a Floral fragrance for women. The fragrance features pink pepper, musk, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and bergamot.

Benetton EDT 2


Benetton EDT 4

My Take on Benetton Pure Sport EDT By United Colors Of Benetton:

To start with the packaging, the box is white and hot pink in colour. It has the fonts in pink and silver colour. The bottle comes in a thick rubbery plastic packaging where it becomes really easy to fit and remove the cap while spraying the perfume and the cap is so tight that it will never get separated from the bottle. The perfume is a sturdy one and you can take it along with you if you carry a big handbag. The best part is that you don’t have to get scared about the bottle if you carry it along because it is a plastic one. The cap is white in colour, in fact the whole bottle is white, but the inside layer of the bottle is neon pink, so it comes out making the bottle baby pink in colour.

Benetton EDT 3

When you open the cap, a fresh neon pink colour comes out which looks super girly. The spray nozzle is so big that you can even place your entire thumb or finger on it. Coming to the fragrance, when you spray it, the opening notes are mainly pink pepper and musk. The smell is a floral one and very refreshing smell. It is very good for summers. I would prefer my mom to wear it during the day-time because I don’t think that it is suitable for night-wear. Slowly, as time passes, the main note that you can smell would be bergamot.

Benetton EDT 5

The smell is mild and not that bold that it would last for a very long time. It lasts for like 3 hours, but it is a perfume at this price, so I expected it to be like that which would not last for a long time. It is perfect for daily-wear and a total correct pick when you have a habit of spraying perfumes every day, as in you buy an expensive one for 3 or 4 grands then you would be hesitated to spray it every day.

Benetton EDT 6

Benetton EDT 7

Benetton EDT 10

Pros of Benetton Pure Sport EDT By United Colors Of Benetton:

  • Nicely priced for an EDT.
  • Available easily in India at the local drugstores and malls.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Would last for 2 months if you spray it every day and that is my judgement.
  • Quantity is really good at this price.
  • Handy and will not break.

Cons of Benetton Pure Sport EDT By United Colors Of Benetton:

  • Does not last for a very long time.
  • Not suitable for night-time.
  • Not a bold fragrance and you won’t be able to smell much of it (although it will work properly against body odour).

Would I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Benetton Pure Sport EDT By United Colors Of Benetton?

I would not really repurchase it as it was just a random pick and I know many perfumes which are better than this one. Yes, would recommend it to those beauties who would love a mild floral smell for daily wear at a reasonable price.

IMBB Rating:

4/5 (1 less for staying power).

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13 thoughts on “Benetton Pure Sport EDT By United Colors Of Benetton Review

    1. yess Neha di… *haan ji* you can definitely give it a try … they are good for daily use.. *hifive* and they are good at smell as well *happy dance*

    1. Yeah ekdum great for daily wear *hifive* there were other variants also and even they were good… but that connection with pink made me pick this one up *happy dance* *hifive*

    1. Awwww *hifive* *hifive* me too immediately fall in love with anything thats pink.. *happy dance* i have sooo much pink stuff that my college buddies named me “pinky” lol *hihi* *hihi* *hihi*

    1. The bottle is cute and handy and will not break ever… *happy dance* *happy dance* do give it a try *hifive*

    1. Their fragrances are quite good Anushree… *hifive* not that famous but they have many variants you can choose from *happy dance* *happy dance* hope you like it *pompom* *pompom*

    1. Yeahh totally Rati di *woot* *hifive* even i love the neon and baby pink bottle soooo much… mommie loved it too *happy dance* *haan ji* *happydance*

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