Best Hand Cream and Tips for Soft Hands : Ask IMBB Gang

Ask IMBB Gang
Hey fellow IMBB friends. I am Shilpa , back again with a query.

Being a dentist I have to wash my hands with soap almost every half an hour so my hands have become very dry and have lost their suppleness.I have tried neutrogena ,oriflame and few other hand creams but nothing worked.Please suggest a nice HAND CREAM that is easy to carry around and the one that actually works..Any home remedy thatI can do at night is also welcome.


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    1. I am using the Body Shop’s soft hand kind heart cream. It’s light but takes a little time to get absorbed. And I use Dettol Hand Sanitzier A LOT. Like I can’t do my makeup without that bottle beside me.

  1. Home remediessssssss !! Thats my kinda thing 😉

    Try this – take half a spoon baking soda, take a few drops of water, make a paste and rub on your hands.For an added effect, take a few drops of lemon too, your hands will smell and feel fresh. With baking soda, hands become very soft and smooth. I’ve tried it and it really makes my hands so soft that they are almost slippery.

  2. Shilpa you can use Fab India Lemon Intensive hand cream,it nourishing keeps hands soft for 4-5 hours,removes tan if applied regularly,easy to carry,smells lemony. You can also mix Olive Oil & Almond oil in equal quantity & message at night then swipe your hands with a soft wet (dip towel in hot water & squeeze)towel. 🙂 Hope these tips help

  3. The best hand cream I have used is Hemp Hand protector from Body Shop.It works wonders ! Vaseline hand and nail conditioning lotion is good too.But nothing like hemp.

  4. i use tbs almond oil hand rescue cream!! n its awesome
    n every month for a week i pamper my hands apply a thick layer of this cream on hands at nyt wear gloves n sleep.. to easily carry around i take kind heart n also vit e range hand creams both from tbs.. 🙂

  5. wohhooooooooo.
    thx friends fr all the valuable help………
    and smita thx fr the home remedy………..i m going to try it tonite itself………..

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