Best Makeup Tips for Your Face Shape

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Not every makeup trend suits every face shape. Our face shape determines a lot of things while applying makeup that we need to keep in mind to have a flawless face and not a tacky one. So today I will tell you how you can apply makeup according to your face shape.

Best Makeup Tips for Your Face Shape

Oval Shape

Best Makeup Tips for Your Face Shape

• Perfectly symmetrical
• Wider forehead
• Considered the perfect bone structure

Makeup tips:
• This face shape is considered the ideal face shape with ideal features and you just need to accentuate them. As the face is already proportioned, you will need to highlight only 1 feature at a time, be it your eyes or your lips.
• If you want to highlight your eyes, you can use any color you want as your face would be able to handle that.
• Use a bronzer over areas where the sun naturally hits in a mirrored “3” shape i.e. starting from the forehead and all the way down to the cheekbones to highlight the best features of the face.

Round Face

Best Makeup Tips for Your Face Shape

• Width and length almost equal
• Illusion of length needs to be created

Makeup tips:
• Round shaped face girls need to work on the length of the face by contouring. Your main concern should be to make an illusion of an elongated face for the balanced look.
• Do not use too bright colors on your face as they would make your face look more rounded. Use a blush in upward strokes to give a slimming effect to your face.
• Apply a bronzer on the temples of the forehead and below the jaw line to make your face appear oval in shape. Try to highlight the forehead and the area under the eyes and the chin to highlight the best features.

Square Shape

Best Makeup Tips for Your Face Shape

• Face’s width is almost the same at every angle
• Defined jaw structure

Makeup tips:
• As your face is almost of the same width, makeup could be a bit tricky for a square face. You will need to brighten and highlight the center of your face.
• Use a bronzer to contour the sides of jaw and temples blending it upwards towards the ear will help reduce the sharpness of the jawline.
• Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks in rounded motions to make it seem more rounded. Use lighter colored shades on your lips for a better effect.

Heart Shape

Best Makeup Tips for Your Face Shape

• Narrow cheek area
• Wide forehead area

Makeup tips:
• As the forehead area is already wide, you will need to widen the appearance of your chin area. Contour the temples and cheeks of your face to minimize the appearance of width of forehead.
• As you have large cheekbones, wear a brighter colored blush to conceal the area.
• Play with your chin area in the right way for the appearance of a broader chin. Use a dark colored lipstick to take the attention away from wide forehead and narrow cheekbones.

Oblong Face

Best Makeup Tips for Your Face Shape

• Plenty of available space
• Lacks width
• Long face

Makeup tips:
• For oblong faced girls there is plenty of space to work with. The face is lengthy enough but lacks width. You need to shorten the length of the face by contouring.
• Contour across the lower section of the chin to make the lower face area wider and shorten the appearance of length.
• Use a blush of lighter shade pink to make the cheeks looking plumper. Do not use too bright color on the face as you will need to achieve a softer look on your face.

So tell me ladies, which face shape are you?

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