How to Select Sunglasses According to Face Shape

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With the summers already scorching all the way, makeup takes a backseat. You don’t wanna pile on makeup, you don’t wanna step out in the sun and of course you don’t wanna look drab in the summers.
But summer means VACATIONS!! So you do wanna look good, you do wanna go out and you do wanna dazzle as much as the sun!!

  • In the fight against the summers, you can only win with the help of the right accessories. Sunglasses always top my list for many reasons.
  • They are soooo cool… In every sense of the word!!
  • They will protect your eyes and more importantly; the delicate skin under your eyes which is so prone to damage by the evil UV rays.
  • They jazz up even the most boring outfits.
  • They cover most of your face. So add a good deal of blush and tinted lipgloss, and you are set for a day out in the sun sans any makeup.
  • The best way to find your perfect pair is to identify the style that will suit you before you go shopping. It’s better to take a friend along. Avoid boyfriend.. LOL!!

This could be a bit tricky. 9 out of 10 women think they have oval face. Not all of them do!!
Visualize your face to be divided in three horizontal parts. Your forehead and eyes, your cheekbones and nose; and finally your lips and chin.
This is a very rough sketch that I drew myself.

face parts

  • If no part of your face is especially wide, you have a round face.
  • If you can trace a perfect egg shape around your face, you have an oval face.
  • If the middle part is considerably wider (you can see the cheekbones protruding outwards) so that you have a narrow forehead and a narrowing jaw line, you have a diamond face.
  • If you have a very wide forehead, flat cheekbones and very narrow chin, you have a heart shaped or triangular face.
  • If you have a very wide forehead and wide jaw, and the middle part is not jutting out, you have a square face.
  • If you have a very wide forehead and wide jaw, but your face is very long, then you have an oblong face. A wide forehead is what distinguishes an oblong face from an oval one.

One more method to identify your face shape is to draw a line around your face with a dark eye or lip pencil. Now have a good look at your self. See if the outline resembles a circle (Round -round face), egg ( Oval– oval), kite ( Kite– diamond), heart (Heart / Diamond ), square (Square ) or a tall rectangle (Oblong – oblong).


Once you have found out your face shape, the rest is easy.

FACE Shape : Round
WHY? Angular, squares, rectangles No rounded or oval glasses. Angularity of frame balances the roundness of your face. Wide frames that extend beyond the cheekbones will slim down your round cheeks.

Victoria beckham- Round face

Victoria Beckham balances her round face with oversized rectangular glasses..


This deliciously chocolate Jimmy Choo is perfect for a round face. Yummy…

Face Shape: Oval. Lucky you!!!
Frame: You can rock any damn frame… Oval is the shape we ultimately want to achieve with glasses. You’ve got it already!!

Vidya- Oval face

Why? Face like Vidya’s can make any frame work.


Choose your pick from these Tom Ford Sunglasses!!!

Face Shape: Diamond
Frame: Small frames, oval rectangle, any of them. Oversize frames are not for you. Your frame should end before your cheekbones. This will make your face look narrow.

Reese Witherspoon- Diamond

Check out how Reese Witherspoon goes tall and narrow with her glasses to tone down the angularity of her face.

HeartHeart shaped glasses are cool, funky and narrow down your cheekbones. Pure Lust……

Face Shape: Heart
Frame: Aviators, wrap goggles, Cat eye frames By carrying the frame around your temples you will soften the wide forehead and balance the pointy chin. Wide top is the key.

Priyanka Chopra

Detailing on rims and tall, double brow frames are ideal for you and Priyanka.


Dainty, half rimless Marc Jacobs glasses are perfect.

Face Shape: Square
Frame: Soft, rounded edges, delicate, feminine designs Soften the contours of your face. Strictly avoid squares and rectangles. Ovals and oversized round glasses are advisable.

Demi Moore- Square face

Check out Demi Moore’s oversized glasses with soft rounded edges.


This Balenciaga’s pair has delicate curves to soften the square.

Face Shape: Oblong
Frame: Wide frames, decorated rims or detailing on the temples The idea is to make the face appear wide and short. Size is more important than shape for you. Avoid small frames as they accentuate the length of your face.


Sarah Jessica Parker widens and shortens her face by wearing sunglasses that are wide and tall.


These Gucci glasses are a perfect example.

VVIMP- Most branded glasses come with some UV protection. Ask how much UV protection your sunglasses are offering. It should not be less than 60%. You wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on glasses that don’t even give UV protection!!!

Enjoy the summers!!
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36 thoughts on “How to Select Sunglasses According to Face Shape

  1. Aww…

    You are such a sweetheart Mrunmayee..I loved the demo sketch.

    Nice post btw. I think I fall in Vidya Balan’s category..i mean the facial structure. But put on a li’l bit o cheeks recently 🙂

    1. Great…. an oval face!!! Not only can you carry any sunglasses, also you can do any hairstyle… I am soooo J….. LOL!!! 😀

  2. I come in the “round” category….I have a pair with me and it took me some time to realize that upon wearing them I looked like someone after an eye surgery. They are oversized and don’t me at all…at least now I know how to choose a pair. Thanks for the info Mrunmayee.

    1. Hey Jomol.. you are welcome… I have a round face too.. It shows in my previous post..
      I know what you are talking abt making wrong choices.. We generally tend to buy what we like rather than what suits us… But at the end of the day we have to find something which we like and which suits us…. Glad it helped… 😀

  3. Ahhh…so now I can say I am like Demi Moore! Last time I went to buy sunglasses, I had gone with a friend who has a lot more sense, and so she did help me pick the right kind. This article is really helpful for people like me who just cannot make up our minds otherwise 🙂

    1. Thanks, Radhika.. Once you know your face shape a lot of things are cleared. you can get plenty of advice abt which glasses, hairstyle, (makeup looks even…!!!) to choose if you know your face shape… 😀

  4. nice post Mrunmayee.. I have an oval face.. so the best part is, i dont have to worry about limited choices.. i can buy any pair i like.. i have soooo many pairs in all kind of shapes.. 😛

    All my friends get so jealous of me because i can wear anyones pair and can rock them as if they were meant jus for me.. so u know borroing sunglasses is a plus plus for oval faced people.. 🙂

    1. Hmmmm… Add my name to the list of your jealous friends…..

      LOL!!!! I am just kidding.. So easy to choose colours when you have a perfect canvas… 🙂

  5. I have a face shape like Demi Moore. Ahem!! What do I say more. 😀 Radhika, I am joining the gang.

    I am not even reading Priyanka’s and Poornima’s comments. 😛

    1. What do you need to say if you have a face like Demi? Get some cool black shades to go with your other black presents 😉 LOL!!!

  6. good post, but i still don’t know what my face shape is! maybe maybe someone else could determine it for me. 🙂
    i LOVE oversized glasses. dunno the reason by they’re hot hot hot!
    talking about heart shaped glasses, i got one from juhu beach as a kid. 😀 the frame was neon yellow and the lens were jet black. bet i looked hot 😉

  7. Looking at your photo your face seems oval.. Do the outline thing I mentioned… It immediately shows your face type……
    I bet you looked hot with those heart shaped glasses….. 😀 😀

  8. Hey Mrunmayee….I have a round face too and as I was reading Jomol’s comment I realised the same is truee with my glasses!! Thankfully it is already time to change them…..thanks so much for this post….will keep it in mind when i buy another pair 🙂

  9. wat an eye opener, ive been thinking i hav an oval face…but just looked in the mirror and compared it with the descriptions i actually hav a rounded face…oh well its getting close to winter here and im not using my sunnies much…but when summer hits ill go get angled sunnies…thanx Mrunmayee…a great write up

  10. Love this post! Cute sketch :). My face shape is a cross between diamond n heart. I just love cat eye sunglasses n still looking for heart shaped ones 😀


  11. Cat eyes are sooo cool… I personally wear very funky specs… Looking for a heart shaped pair too…

    Glad you loved it… 😀

  12. Nice post M….like u already… ThumbsUp..
    could u tel me which sort of glasses wud suit my face…its too small fr my body..small forehead..normal cheekbones..nt at all wide..nd small nd narrow jawline..i dnt even knw into which category do i fall… 😛

  13. nice post bt i cant find my face shape till yet..
    i m still confused between oval and rectangle shapes…. bt i love to wear sunglasses with oversize frames

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