12 Best Red Lipsticks from MAC

MAC lipsticks are quite popular all over the world and there’s a lipstick for every skin tone and complexion in its collection in many finishes – matte, frost, lustre, cremesheen, satin, etc. In this post, we have listed out 12 best red lipsticks from MAC.

Best Red Lipsticks from MAC

1. MAC Ruby Woo: Ruby Woo has acquired cult status and it’s one of the must-have red lipsticks in your stash if you are seriously into makeup. The texture is matte with amazing pigmentation – it’s a true bright red lipstick with a good staying power.
2. MAC Russian Red: It’s a cool-toned blue-based red colour and has a matte finish. It is a good red lipstick for women who think Ruby Woo looks more orange on them than red. The stay9ing power is amazing too.
3. MAC Relentlessly Red: It’s a very bold, “in-the-face” kind of cool-toned pinkish red with coral undertones. It almost has neonish kind of color. It has a matte texture and works all skin tones.
4. MAC D For Danger Matte Lipstick: It’s a matte finish is a brick red shade with a plum tone to it with a staying power of 4 to 5 hours.
5. MAC Chili: It’s a brownish-orangey red lipstick, matte texture, and has a staying power of 4 hours.

MAC red lipstick

6. MAC Viva Glam 1: A cool-toned red lipstick which would suit a lot of complexions in a matte texture with good staying power.
7. MAC Cockney: It’s a warm-toned red lipstick in a lustre finish.
8. MAC Lady Danger: It’s a bright coral red lipstick in matte texture with a good staying power because of its texture.
9. MAC Brave Red: It’s a bright, soft red lipstick in a creamy texture with a staying power of 3 to 4 hours. It’s a good red lipstick for all skin tones.
10. MAC Dance with Me: Dance With Me is a darkened red color in a liquid lipstick formula with incredible staying power.
11. MAC Red: A bold red lipstick in satin finish with a good staying power.
12. MAC Feels So Grand Liquid Lipstick: It’s a gorgeous deep red lip color in matte texture, and has staying power of 6 hours.

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