Bharat & Dorris Lip Gloss Shade 21

B & D Lip Gloss Shade 021

Vitamin-enriched, non-stop shine! These lacquer-like Lip Gels will glide smoothly over your lips or you can wear them over lipstick for extra shine. Soak your lips in one of our delicious shades of lip gloss for high shine and totally glam looking lips. Enriched with antioxidants A, C, and E, this gloss will leave lips soft and luscious. Non-sticky, glossy, weightless formula stays shiny and fresh!



Most of B&D glosses I have reviewed are creamy and opaque, barring this shade in 22 but today’s gloss looked so pretty but it turned out to be sheer, yes I bought them in a hurry and did not try perhaps, but it looks lovey orange on the tube so picked it up.

the gloss is a coral orange but in the tube it is so sheer and light that it will hardly add color, it just adds a glossy wet lip look, it does not have any shimmer but it is so light to see, that perhaps I would wear it on top of a matching lip liner or lipstick like I have done in the swatch.


There is simply no opacity, no pigmentation no color to it, for the swatch the color shows but on the lips it looks like nothing. The color is glossy and wet and ideal for topping matte lipsticks, or for girls who like colorless lips, just a slight shine.


I wore it on top of a coral orange matte lip liner ( review coming tomorrow) and the color matches it perfectly, it is looking perfect for the liner, it evens out dry lips and the lip liner color since it is so matching. FOr this purpose it is great, it also adds volume along with shine to the lips.


The staying power is average, it fades away within an hour or two and the lip color or matte base under it remains, so on bare lips this will last half an hour 😛 so nothing impressive except the cute tube.


On top of a matte orange lip liner:




IMBB rating:


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